Zucchini Pasta

What was for dinner tonight?? Vegetables mostly!  I had zucchini pasta with chicken and a tomato/onion sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts leaves.  And it was so good!  Even the baby will eat the Brussels sprouts, but I kept my zucchini pasta to myself.

Of course I will tell you how I made the “pasta”.  You’ll see a lot of spiralizer do dads but none have made it into my kitchen just yet.  The Pampered Chef even has two different ones…a julienne peeler which makes linguine noodles and the Spiral and Slice for ribbon noodles.


Linguine Zucchini made with the Julienne Peeler

Linguine Zucchini made with the Julienne Peeler

Ribbon Zucchini

Ribbon Zucchini made with the Spiral and Slice…

...or you can make Zucchini Rotine!

…or you can make Zucchini Rotini!


I think it would help if I wasn’t the only person here not opposed to vegetable pasta but I wouldn’t mind a fancy tool for it!  I just use a regular old vegetable peeler, and peel in strips until I see seeds.  Some people would then cut the peelings into smaller strips, but I’m lazy and okay with it still being obviously zucchini.  It’s something you can do if you like!

I used one large zucchini in a large pan on a medium high heat.  I would usually use olive oil for cooking, but I hadn’t planned for this so using the 21 Day Fix balsamic dressing worked better in my day.  And it cooked up well!  I don’t really follow any instructions here, just keep it moving around the pan until the zucchini is done.  It will be less stiff but not mushy.  I had it cooking for under 5 minutes.

Straight out of the pan!

Straight out of the pan!

I cut up some already cooked chicken and added a chunky mix of tomatoes and onions plus spices and mixed it together a bit.  The dressing made it have a little too much liquid, but a lot of it was soaked up by the chicken, so it worked out.

Photo Aug 21, 6 02 19 PM

Finished product

This was super filling and tasty!  If this is stepping out of your comfort zone a little, I say give it a try.  With a spiralizer tool, you’ll barely notice that it’s zucchini!  In large strips, it’s kind of obvious though.

What’s for dinner tonight?  Have you tried this or other pasta alternatives?