June Challenge and X3 Yoga

Continuing on the P90X3 posts, we have X3 Yoga!

So, I’ve talked before about how I have a hard time with home yoga programs.  It’s hard to be at home, alone, doing yoga.  This one moves fast, which helps to not let you think about it too much!  I have nothing bad to say about this workout.  For yoga, that’s saying a lot!

My favorite part is that it includes a shoulder stand.  I love shoulder stands and you don’t get them much in home workouts.   Coming out of it was always one of my favorite parts of my Ashtanga practice.  We also do camel here.  I do hot yoga (now occasionally, used to be 5x a week) and camel is a part of that practice.  I had forgotten how much easier camel is in a non-heated room!  In the heat, it’s really tough to put your head back.  A lot of people feel nauseous after that pose.  Without the heat though, you get less of a flight response.  That was lovely, and I called on that when I took a hot class on Monday.

The star of this show is Ted and his amazing yoga abilities.  You don’t expect it and then you can’t look away.  Watch the video to be amazed and then do the video yourself and try to maintain his focus!

So, onto June!  June is arms,  and I’m staying with the pattern we tried out last month with one base exercise and one that changes daily.  Contact me to join in the fun!


June Arms Challenge

Yoga Day!

On my workout schedule today is P90X3 – X3 Yoga!  I went through some of my feelings on home yoga videos when I was doing the 21 Day Fix so I was a little nervous about this one.

Whenever you talk about P90X with someone, the first or second thing they mention is ALWAYS how much they hated YogaX.  It is a 90 minute workout, so right there, you lose me.  90 minutes of yoga, at home, alone, is a tough thing to get through.  It is one thing to be in a class environment with others and their energy for 90 minutes.  But for me (and it seems for most!), that’s too long to focus alone.

X3 Yoga is 30 minutes (like all of the videos) and goes through tough but doable poses.  There are also options to make it harder…you can add push ups to your vinyasas but no one’s coming to get you if you don’t.  And you can follow Ted, or stare in awe while he does some amazing poses.  It’s a good watch just for that!

I love that there is shoulder stand in here.  It’s one of my favorite poses that I don’t do enough.  I’m looking forward to the whole workout in a bit!

I would recommend watching this one through if you’re brand new to yoga.  Some things aren’t too difficult, but having your focus on watching instead of doing is a good idea for the first viewing.  Then restart it and hop in!  You’ve got this!

Hope you’re having a great week!  What’s your workout today?