Lifting Weights

Once upon a time, I lifted heavy weights in the gym.  I wouldn’t be a member of a gym without a squat rack.  I only used the cardio area for a quick warm up most days.  Then I started working out at home, thinking I couldn’t do that anymore without a huge expense and area.

So Body Beast tried to change my mind, as Les Mills Pump did before.  And HELLO it did!  This was what I missed.  This was just the thing that said “Hey, we get it, you can’t afford a gym in your house.  So do this and with limited space and equipment, you’ll be alright.”

Not that Les Mills Pump wasn’t great also!  I loved that, but it is high reps.  It’s just different.  This is low reps, heavy weights with rest in between sets.  You lift heavy enough weights that you feel you may not last the 8-15 reps.  Do you know how lifting to failure feels?  Maybe awesome?

Photo Sep 08, 5 44 02 PM

I love it.  And *newsflash* I’m a girl!  Ladies, you wont get bulky or big or whatever you think of when you think of bodybuilding.  You will get lean definition.  How does that sound?  Crazy good, right?

Why I love lifting weights…

  • I feel strong, like I can take on anything
  • The soreness is a reminder of that
  • I feel immediately leaner and fitter, I think because of #1
  • I love the results!
  • I feel like a badass (different from #1, am I right!)



So maybe try it out…why not?  And as a bonus, maybe your significant other will do this one with you?  Maybe?  It’s not the jumping around in your living room type of workout…even the cardio workout is beastly.


Switching gears, a number of people have searched “21 Day Fix while pregnant” to get here.  Talk to you doctors ladies!  While I think it’s a great program for life and longer, it may not be right for your pregnancy.  If you want to talk it out with someone after talking to your doc, I’m happy to chat.  I didn’t do it while pregnant (it wasn’t released yet!) but I’ve done the 21 Day Fix and have been pregnant.  Happy to help out! Comment or email me.