Getting Back

So, I went away for less than 48 hours and it took me forever to get back to normal!  I went through the motions of my normal days, working out, working, prepping foods, all the other good stuff.  But a lot of little daily things I do fell off my plate.

Why was it that hard to get back on track?  I think it was the weekday trip and that I got in so late on Wednesday.  I got in about 2am, got up at about 5:30am to start Thursday (I’m sure my husband would have let me sleep in, but I missed my baby!).  Both Thursday and Friday were also not typical weekdays with some other mid-week plans thrown in.  At night, I was still overwhelmed with the list I had to get done and the need for some much needed sleep.

So I rebooted this weekend, but I’m doing it again this week!  For a little more fun, a few more days, and a bit further of a trip.  I’m off to Las Vegas on Thursday for the big Beachbody Summit.  It’s my first time going, so I’m trying to prepare as best I can but not letting that stress me out.  I am not packed yet, but I still have time.  I don’t have that much clothing to decide between!


4 days from yesterday!

This trip should be super motivating, but I’m finding a funny little thing…I’m also motivated now with it coming up!  That’s a lovely bonus.  I can’t wait to spend a few days with so many inspiring people.

It’s also going to be the release of the home version of Piyo, one of the formats I’m certified in.  It’s a low impact, mind/body inspired strength workout that is nothing like what you expect from that!  Expect great music, unexpected results, and to smile through it.  I’ve been adding more Piyo into my schedule to get ready for the launch.  I’m excited for more people to get to experience this workout.





I also took off a few days after I get back, so I’ll be able to recover to normalcy quicker.  And more importantly, hang with my family.  What are you looking forward to this week?