It just hasn’t been right this week. Baby awake, husband ill, now a headache for me. So I’m getting to bed early tonight and hoping tomorrow will be the day I get back on track.

I did get back to the gym and back to running. I have started the Couch to 5K program in hopes of running some this year. Now was a good time because the gym child care vented will take 3 month olds! And I have one of those. I’m not doing anything too long because neither of us are really ready to part yet. We have to get used to it though…I return to work 3/15.

Another thing…looking for a workout program? Love Shaun T and his abs? Get them both in your living room for an awesome price with Hip Hop Abs…just $19.95 for a limited time!

Workout Monday –couch to 5K
Workout Tuesday – lifted weights
Workout today – couch to 5K