10K Recap

It’s done! ¬†That’s all I’ve got.

I kid ūüôā ¬†I’ll tell you all about it.

Sunday was a great day for a run. ¬†Overcast, a little windier than you might like, but a decent temperature (well, after the run I was freezing with the wind, but running was good). ¬†So I woke up, did what I needed to do, and took off for the park. ¬†But then I realized I forgot my bib! ¬†So back home to get it I went. ¬†Luckily, I’m only a few minutes from the race! ¬†But that made me late for our meeting¬†time, so when I parked, I started run number 1 of the day. ¬†Off to find the LLS tent. ¬†Only it wasn’t where I was told it would be. ¬†I found a few others in purple and we found it together…with a call to another on the team!

My shirt-front.  I didn't take any of the back.

My shirt-front. I didn’t take any of the back.

We met up for some motivation with the other Team in Training groups and head out to the start line.  The start for this race is pretty far from any parking for the race.  We clocked it from where my husband parked (he ran the marathon) at over a mile.  Big activity day with all the racing and walking!

Pre-Race...Ready to go!

Pre-Race…Ready to go!

And then we were off! ¬†The first mile went pretty fast, though it was our slowest run mile. ¬†With so many people starting at once, it’s tough to make any speed at the beginning. ¬†That’s fine though, better than giving it all in the beginning. ¬†I could feel some pain in my leg, but it wasn’t terrible. ¬†I just kept going. ¬†It was good to have people with me. ¬†I may have stopped to walk without them, and though that is fine, my goal was to run the whole thing for this one. ¬†And I did. ¬†Even kicked it up at the end! ¬†I felt good cardio wise, but my leg wasn’t happy.

Post-Race with the bag of food they gave us all

Post-Race with the bag of food they gave us all

We made it back to the tent to check in and meet up with the baby and then went to cheer on some of our other runners and walkers.  It was so much fun to cheer loud for the others on our team, even those who trained in the other groups.  I eventually walked back to the car to get my change of clothes and get into something warmer.  The wind really made it feel cold!  Someone was tired from all her non-racing and took a nap for this.

Someone was sleepy!

Someone was sleepy!

We still had a while before my husband would be finishing the marathon so we had snacks and cheered on the other runners. ¬†Lots of fun, though the horses were a distraction. ¬†I guess horses are more fun than people you don’t know running. ¬†We played a bit, watched a bit, and seemed to eat a lot! ¬†At this point, my leg was hurting badly. ¬†I hadn’t sat down in over 5 hours, over an hour of that running. ¬†I meant to bring an ice pack, but it wouldn’t have mattered…can’t sit still with my little explorer!

Once my husband finished his race (great job hon!!) we headed to the car and went home.  I got some ice after a shower, but it was stolen.

A shirt for all!

A shirt for all!

It felt pretty bad, but a lot better yesterday morning. ¬†I still have some pain, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap anymore. ¬†I plan to still do some running, but this was likely my first and last 10K. ¬†I’m so glad that I did it with Moms in Training…great cause, great group. ¬†I’m not sure I would have made it otherwise!

10K Training

My 10K is Sunday!!

I decided to run this 10K¬†mostly because it was being done with Moms in Training (part of Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society…donate here if you like!) . ¬†With them, you get a plan, coaches, a group to do the training and running with AND you help a great cause that is close to my heart. ¬†So even though I wasn’t running much, I decided to take the plunge and go for it.

I’m so glad I did! ¬†I had a lot of fun training. ¬†I brought the baby to every weekend group run, and I think it would have been a lot more of a struggle without that appointment. ¬†I’ll do the race without the stroller, so I should be golden (should…we’ll get to that!).

With her Moms in Training sunglasses!

With her Moms in Training sunglasses!

So, now my personal struggles. ¬†About a week ago, I started to feel my ankle in one of my runs (backstory here). ¬†Luckily, it didn’t bother me during Saturday’s long run. ¬†So I’m mostly not running this week, especially since it’s so wet out. ¬†I tried to run on Monday, but basically ran around the block. ¬†I think I’m a 5K-er if anything from here out. ¬†That’s okay with me though. ¬†Plenty of exercise doesn’t bother it, so I’ll stick to my strengths. ¬†And get back to the doctor for my overdue appointment! ¬†The next Moms in Training run is a 5K, so I may still do that!

From Saturday's group run

From Saturday’s group run

And now, I’m sick ūüė¶ Wasn’t I just sick?? I’m hoping to knock this out with some extra sleep and Shakeology…always makes me feel better!

No matter what, I’m going to cross that finish line Sunday. ¬†Hopefully, I’ll run the whole thing, but even if I don’t, great journey getting there!

At our first group run

At our first group run

Tomorrow, We Jog

We being baby and me.¬† The first run with the jogging stroller was supposed to be a while ago but was postponed to get to the bottom of the leg situation.¬† Next week, we’ll be doing a 5k. Probably not all running since I’ve barely trained but I still didn’t want it to be the first time using the jogging stroller!

Hopefully all goes well and Zoe likes it.  Have you run with a jogging stroller? Any tips for a first timer?

Missing Me

Sorry I have been missing. I’m here, but we did lose a great dog this weekend. We had to put down our boxer, who was almost 14 years old and had spinal arthritis. She lost the ability to control her back legs last year and had been deteriorating. It was rough to admit it to ourselves that it was time. She will be missed.




I’m not going to go back through and detail my workouts, but I’ll start fresh with yesterday’s. Now that I’ve put this out there, I’m over the hump of not knowing what to say to return! I started¬†Les Mills Pump¬†yesterday, so get ready to hear all about that. I also started a plank challenge group for March. April will be for the legs, so let me know if you would like in for next month!

You can also now like my new Facebook page!

Workout Monday –¬†Couch to 5K Week3 Day1, Plank, Pump Challenge
Workout today –¬†Rest day! Just Plank

Half Marathon Training

I haven’t been feeling well for a few days. ¬†I guess it is to be expected during pregnancy, but I still am itching to workout! ¬†Most of my workout time has been spent sleeping which is good. ¬†I hope to be back on my game tomorrow.

I have mentioned before that I was training for a half marathon when I found out I was pregnant. ¬†I had never run more than 4 miles when I started training, but I knew I could do it with the right plan. ¬†I used SmartCoach from Runner’s World¬†to create my plan and had made it to 7 miles. ¬†I looked at other plans, but I liked that this could be customized. ¬†You enter a recent race length and time (or a recent run if you have no race to go by), the distance ¬†and date you’re training for, intensity level, how many miles you currently run per week, and the day to do your long run. ¬†I loved that I could set all of these and get something that would work for me without scaring me!

The schedule shows the run and pace for each running day and then includes rest or cross training days.  I was running 3 days, lifting 2, and doing 2-5 days of hot yoga.  It was a lot, which is why the yoga days varied so much.  I would see how I felt and always prioritize the running and lifting over the yoga.

I’m not sure if I have the desire to train for a half marathon again, but I would like to do a 10K at some point. ¬†I don’t love running, but I enjoyed training with my husband toward a goal! ¬†I ran a 5K back in June when I was about 17 weeks pregnant. ¬†I did it faster than expected too!

Workout Sunday –¬†30 minute walk
No workouts since!