Roasted Brussels Sprouts Leaves

I tried a new recipe (if you can call it that!) yesterday and it came out wonderfully! I’m a little worried for the kale that’s in my fridge because these are high on my make again list.

I started out by removing the leaves from the Brussels sprouts. I chopped off the ends, removed some leaves, chopped, removed, and on and on until I could go no further and moved on to the next one. I measured in my green 21 Day Fix container, but you can make more.



Then, I added 1t of olive oil (as that was my plan for lunch) and the 21 Day Fix Mediterranean seasoning and mixed to coat.


Then it was onto the sheet and into the oven! I had preheated to 350…well almost preheated! I would put them in for 10 min, but since I didn’t fully preheat, I put them in for 13 minutes.


They came out deliciously crunchy! So good with my lunch yesterday. I think these are a new staple for me. I’m glad I picked up a good amount of Brussels sprouts so I can make more!


Brussels Sprouts
Olive Oil
Seasoning of choice

Preheat oven to 350.
Remove leaves from Brussels sprouts and put in a bowl.
Add oil and seasoning. Mix to coat.
Spread on a baking sheet. Put in oven for 10 min or until leaves begin to brown.