Past 40 weeks and still at Starbucks

Week 40 came and went with no baby and no power. We now have a small generator that we used to get some heat last night before going to bed. That was nice for us and the dogs. Our boxer refuses to stay under the blankets but is shivering, so we found her a sweater.


I took a week 40 picture, but it’s really dark! 40 came with a nor’easter and even darker skies. I have straight hair here because I had it done. I was avoiding it but it was great to not think about my hair for a few days without a shower at home. I’m curly now, but I may go back today.


I’ve been keeping up with workouts now that the gym is back open. I feel better when I workout, but people at the gym do look at me funny…especially when they hear my due date! But exercising the entire pregnancy has made everything so much easier, including getting through this power outage. I have been able to save gas by walking places, get out of the house and see the neighborhood, and get out of the house for something that makes me feel good, even now past my due date.

Tuesday, I took prenatal yoga at my usual place but with a different instructor. I enjoyed this class a lot too! I impressed myself in some poses and I continue to be thankful that I found this place. I was so disappointed to miss Saturday’s class because of the gas shortage, but I’m glad I was able to try Tuesday’s class.

Workout Monday – Lift and elliptical
Workout Tuesday – Prenatal Yoga
Workout Wednesday – Lift and elliptical
Workout Thursday – 3 walks…two outside, one at gym



Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

I had a conversation last week about exercising while pregnant…should you do it?  Why?  I learned a lot about it while studying for my group fitness certification but am by no means an expert.  Of course, if your doctor tells you not to or gives you limits, listen to those.   But if your husband, family, friends, etc tell you not to, here is some reading to educate yourself on reasons to exercise!

Benefits for mom –

ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynocologists) search – they have a lot of information to download
Everyday Health

Some guidelines

Benefits for baby?

I can’t compare my current pregnancy with anything else, but I do think it has gone fairly smoothly.  Of course I have had a decrease in energy, some nausea, and some discomforts but my main issues have been related to allergies.  I have issues with those when not pregnant.  I definitely think that exercise has helped me.

Today, I tried a prenatal yoga at a studio.  I had a great time and wish I had found this class earlier!  It was nice to workout with a bunch of other pregnant women.  I bought an 8 class package, and if I don’t make it to 8 classes can use it on other classes.  I look forward to going back next Saturday.

Workout today – Prenatal Yoga

Productive Saturday

So glad I was able to be productive today because now I am free to relax without feeling like I have a million things to do!  I still have many things to finish up like laundry and emptying the dishwasher and things I’d like to get done.  It still feels good to have things checked off of my list though!

Today, I have:

  • Exercised – the long (and tough!) prenatal yoga (review here)
  • Showered – always a plus after the exercise!
  • Went to the bank
  • Went to Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond and Trader Joe’s
  • Unpacked from my shopping and built all Ikea pieces (all were simple and able to be carried in an Ikea blue bag by an almost 7 months pregnant lady)

And I’ve been relaxing for about an hour.  I love my to do list…and love checking things off!  I will admit to putting things on just to check them off (I know i’m not alone here!) .  I use Awesome Note on my iPhone to organize them all.  I keep a daily list, some longer term lists, and some that are towards things like the house but that don’t have a definite time constraint.  I set reminders to go off for anything time sensitive, and check my list several times a day.  Most of my items repeat daily.

Awesome Note is one of the few (I think max 3) apps I have paid for and it was so worth it.

Workout today – Power Prenatal Yoga – 70 minutes from Yoga Download

More talk about Yoga

I tell myself constantly that I need to do more yoga, but today I’m serious.  I woke up about 1:15am in a bit of (completely normal) pain.  So I slept in and did the 20 minute Yoga Download workout I have and felt a lot better.  I also spent about half the day sitting on an exercise ball.

I must prioritize yoga.  It is one of the toughest things for me to work into my home workouts, even though I used to take 5-6 classes a week.  My plan is to go to two strength training days a week and make the third a tough yoga day.  And hopefully I can find days to work in the 20 minute workout, and actually get my Sunday yoga in.

Waking up and working out on days I don’t have to work is getting harder for me.  I wake up very hungry, eat and then sometimes like to chill.  And chill some more!  Good for rest, but not for yoga.  And if my husband is around, doing yoga in the living room isn’t as calming as one would hope.

He wont be up tomorrow morning when I want to do yoga and I have to work, meaning I have an exact time I need to start.  So all should be good as long as I sleep tonight.  So I should get off the computer and get to bed.  I get up at 5am most weekdays, so I like to get ready early.  Shut eye is important!

Good night!

Yoga reviews!

I have done three different prenatal yoga workouts from the prenatal section at  Before I was pregnant, I did hot (Bikram style) yoga 4-6 times a week.  I miss it!  I miss the yoga and the people.  I look forward to returning to the studio, though I’m sure it wont be as regular or often as before.

But this is a review of what I’ve been doing during pregnancy.  So, in order of length of time (and coincidentally, difficulty), these are the specific workouts I’ve tried so far.

– Prenatal Yoga #1 (20 minutes – FREE) – Love this!  It is a short and easy workout that I just actually tried this weekend.  I hope to work it in a few times a week from now on.  It moves slowly, is good for all levels and has you hold a few poses for a minute to mimic a contraction.  And the fact that it is free, means everyone should go get it!  So go, and then come back and read the rest of this post.

-Prenatal Vinyasa Flow(45 minutes – $5.99 for download) – A little more difficult but doable for most with a yoga history.  It is flowing with the beginning feeling faster to me than the rest, which is how I find most vinyasa classes.  This is purposeful though, to get you warmed up.  But by the end it is relaxing too.

-Power Prenatal (70 minutes – $6.99 for download) – Whoa.  This one I had a difficult time with, not getting through the whole 70 minutes the first time.  But it was a very good workout!  I would not recommend this for someone who wasn’t doing yoga often before pregnancy.  And the pose guide is very important.  I needed to refer to it during the workout, having not looked at it prior.  This one also had some more difficult holds to mimic contractions.  I definitely appreciated this not being a “prenatal yoga should mostly be breathing” workout. I like being challenged!

All of these workouts have different options in the site, with different prices for different lengths.  I have several of their other classes also and like that they have many 20 minute workouts available for free…great if you want a quick workout.

New Page!

I have started a page with my current pregnancy workout links –

I will update and add some reviews as I go along, but I figured that having these in one place would be the easiest way to organize them.  Post by post seemed good for new info, but not as easy to get back to.

Do you have any prenatal favorites??  I’d love to hear them!