Past 40 weeks and still at Starbucks

Week 40 came and went with no baby and no power. We now have a small generator that we used to get some heat last night before going to bed. That was nice for us and the dogs. Our boxer refuses to stay under the blankets but is shivering, so we found her a sweater.


I took a week 40 picture, but it’s really dark! 40 came with a nor’easter and even darker skies. I have straight hair here because I had it done. I was avoiding it but it was great to not think about my hair for a few days without a shower at home. I’m curly now, but I may go back today.


I’ve been keeping up with workouts now that the gym is back open. I feel better when I workout, but people at the gym do look at me funny…especially when they hear my due date! But exercising the entire pregnancy has made everything so much easier, including getting through this power outage. I have been able to save gas by walking places, get out of the house and see the neighborhood, and get out of the house for something that makes me feel good, even now past my due date.

Tuesday, I took prenatal yoga at my usual place but with a different instructor. I enjoyed this class a lot too! I impressed myself in some poses and I continue to be thankful that I found this place. I was so disappointed to miss Saturday’s class because of the gas shortage, but I’m glad I was able to try Tuesday’s class.

Workout Monday – Lift and elliptical
Workout Tuesday – Prenatal Yoga
Workout Wednesday – Lift and elliptical
Workout Thursday – 3 walks…two outside, one at gym



Why do I do it?

I posted last week about reasons to workout when pregnant and I touched on some of the benefits I think I have noticed.  But I didn’t give reasons for why I make it such a priority and talk about it so much.

I have been exercising for years.  It is my stress release, my fun and has become an easy way to add to my health.  I wont lie and say it was always easy, but over time it has gone from something I should do to something I do to help my weight loss to something I do because I enjoy it.  Now I relate it to showering as something I know I’ll just do and it is a lot easier to find where it will fit in my schedule!  How often do you just not shower because you don’t have time?  Never?  You make time.

So when I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t question if I wanted to continue to workout.  From taking the group fitness instructor certification exam, I had learned a lot about modifications for pregnancy and I can also pull from the experiences of my friends.  I knew what was presented as the benefits and they sound like great reasons.  Mostly, having that information added to my own reasons.

I still exercise for my stress release.  I still find it fun, at least the workouts I do!  And now it is an easy way to add to not just my health, but my baby’s also.  I still used “easy” there, and while it hasn’t been difficult, it has been more of a challenge.

I now need to exercise in the morning.  If I wait until later in the day, I usually end up not working out or getting in something lighter than planned.  Sometimes though, I have to choose sleep over exercise.  Some days I don’t make it through my planned workout.  It is much more important to listen to cues that I just don’t have it that day when there is a teeny human depending on me listening also.   The same workouts are more difficult, and it is sometimes tough to find variety in the workouts I like.

It is so worth the extra difficulty though!  I can’t imagine my pregnancy without the exercise.

Workout yesterday – Moms Into Fitness 3rd Trimester workout
Workout today – Prenatal yoga class and a long walk while listening to a podcast

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

I had a conversation last week about exercising while pregnant…should you do it?  Why?  I learned a lot about it while studying for my group fitness certification but am by no means an expert.  Of course, if your doctor tells you not to or gives you limits, listen to those.   But if your husband, family, friends, etc tell you not to, here is some reading to educate yourself on reasons to exercise!

Benefits for mom –

ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynocologists) search – they have a lot of information to download
Everyday Health

Some guidelines

Benefits for baby?

I can’t compare my current pregnancy with anything else, but I do think it has gone fairly smoothly.  Of course I have had a decrease in energy, some nausea, and some discomforts but my main issues have been related to allergies.  I have issues with those when not pregnant.  I definitely think that exercise has helped me.

Today, I tried a prenatal yoga at a studio.  I had a great time and wish I had found this class earlier!  It was nice to workout with a bunch of other pregnant women.  I bought an 8 class package, and if I don’t make it to 8 classes can use it on other classes.  I look forward to going back next Saturday.

Workout today – Prenatal Yoga