Day 9…and no video!

But I do have something better…early 21 Day Fix results!


Pretend it says day 9 though…minor brain jump! It’s been a day. Food and workouts were good though, just have a slightly ill baby. Poor thing!

We ordered food in, but I was still able to stay with my plan – I just didn’t have to cook my own protein. We go to a nearby place that uses no oil in their cooking, which makes it easy to know what I’m eating.

So what was for dinner today?

T25 Post baby

I get a lot of questions about this, so I’m going to get out my feelings about why T25 is great as a postpartum workout.  I think that a lot of this is also true for anyone, and that I’ve said some of it before.  But here it will be, all in one place!

  • First and foremost, TIME!  What do you have little of when you’ve just had a child?  Would you rather be using the little time to sleep than to go to the gym, workout for an hour, drive home?  I don’t have time to get to/from the gym and workout, so working out at home has worked really well.  Plus this is just about 28 min with the cool down.  Yay!
  • Second, and extremely important as well, effectiveness!  You’ll feel like you’ve had a longer workout with these.  There are no stops/breaks built in to these workouts.
  • It’s very much adaptable for different levels.  Tania shows modifications and you can easily switch between following her and following others.  This is so important post baby since you will be getting back into things with a new body.  I didn’t start out with T25 (I did Turbo Fire first) but with both, the things I could handle doing, especially with jumping and abs, changed pretty fast.  I think it was a testament to the workouts as well how much I improved in ability!
  • The food plan that comes with it (and the recipes) are super simple.  And a lot of them were foods my daughter would eat as well (I did T25 starting when she was about 8 months), so that was helpful!
  • Not much equipment needed!  You just really NEED the resistance band that comes with it.  You can use weights also.  But none of the workouts have you dragging out a load of stuff to get started.  And then putting it all away if a baby wakes up 😉
  • I did T25 right after Insanity.  I had a terrible time keeping my milk supply up during that but not during T25.

If there is something you are looking for answers about, comment!  I’m happy to answer any questions.

9 months on, 9 months off

At least that was the plan for weight loss. Reality, not so simple!

I even put in my goals for the year to fit into some pre-pregnancy clothes by now. There are a few things that fit but not much. Mostly workout clothes! I suppose that’s helpful. But for the most part, nope. I have almost 20lbs left to lose and have been within a 5lb range for about 3 months.

Have I tried? Of course. I exercise most days, track my food and try to eat reasonably. I do have lapses in my food choices, but that’s normal and I track them. I have my daily Shakeology which makes such a difference for me. If I go low on my calories a few days, my milk supply drops. And that’s basically the thing here. I’m choosing supply over weight loss. I struggle with this daily (hourly?) but I know I’m making the right choice.

So I’m deciding to give myself another 6 months. Which is really 3 months from the year mark, when I plan to stop pumping during the day. I’ll ride out my freezer stash for daytime and then it will just be nights/morning. I won’t be clinging to supply anymore, so hopefully my body won’t cling to the weight.

I’m enjoying my workouts. I would exercise for stress relief even without the calorie burn. And I have seen some results (see my results posts from TurboFire, Pump and Insanity!).

I know I’m doing my best all around. If you’re in a similar position, I’d love to hear from you!