21 Day Fix Extreme – What Equipment do I Need?

Day 3 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I’m feeling fine! Better than fine!  I am adjusting to my lower bracket…actually, I’ve barely noticed the change.  I feel good, I feel satisfied, and I guess I had nothing to worry about!

A lot of people ask about the equipment needed for the workouts, so I made that the topic for today’s video…


Insanity Max 30 Week 1!

Today is day 9 of my Insanity Max 30 journey.  I wanted to update on how my first week went and tell you a bit more about the program so far.

First off…what is it?  You can watch this quick video first…


So, maxing out…what is it?  It is that first moment where you NEED to stop.  The point is to push yourself to fail and not be able to keep up with the program (either the modified or full version) , record the first time you can’t, and keep going.  Then as you move along the 60 day program, you should see the times getting later as you get stronger and fitter.  I’m taking pictures for each of my max out times, so here we go on my week.  The program is 30 minutes (plus a 2 minute cool down) 5 days a week, plus Pulse on day 6 – 20 minutes of lighter cardio and stretching.  I opted for the Ab Maximizer schedule, which adds about 10 minutes of abs on some days starting in week 2.

Day 1 – Cardio Challenge – One thing I didn’t know was that the workouts would have short breaks.  These are not you maxing out (since you’re keeping up with the workout) and really saved me.  This one is the most like Insanity – 3 moves repeated 3 times and then a break.  It’s tough to keep it up, and I was fully impressed that I lasted more than halfway through the workout (spoiler alert – I lasted 3 seconds LESS on day 8!)





Day 2 – Tabata Power – If you haven’t heard of Tabata workouts yet, it’s basically 20 seconds on 10 second rests.  This sticks to that, over and over, and also has some water breaks.  It is tough!  This is basically a strength program, but no equipment.  Think push ups and dips! They are basically in segments and I haven’t mad it through the push ups without maxing out yet!


Day 3 – Sweat Intervals – More cardio!  This one is similar to Cardio Challenge.  And as you can see, it lives up to its name!


Sweaty 🙂

Day 4 was Tabata Power again.  I lasted 22 more seconds this time!  This is what’s on my schedule today as well.  We’ll see how I do with working out a little later in the day (these were all started about 4:30 am).


Day 5 – Friday Fight Round 1- As in fight to not max out!  It is said that this one is a mental and physical battle and I maxed out mentally…unsettled sleeping baby, mat moved around, hair in my eyes…I wasn’t focused.  I will do better this week!


In keeping with holiday accountability, I tried to avoid gingerbread house making becoming gingerbread house eating with a well-timed shake Friday afternoon.  No need to unleash the candy monster too early!  It worked well.


Saturday was the Pulse workout, which is a nice recovery workout.  Small movements and low impact cardio…easy on the brain and body.  I also did a little PiYo after because I wanted to finish out learning a section.  I then did hot yoga on Sunday, probably not my best idea for Monday though it felt amazing on Sunday!  I plan to do more resting on this Sunday.

Some things that surprised me in week 1…my legs.  So sore.  My goodness.  Coming off of workouts like Body Beast, you would think that a no-equipment workout couldn’t get me but you’d be wrong!  The jumping and squatting did a number on me.  I didn’t notice it until Friday Fight, but since then I’ve been enjoying the soreness.  Nothing too bad, but noticeable!  Also the length is perfect.  I wasn’t sure if 30 minutes would feel like forever with pushing to max out, but it’s a good length.  I don’t know if this one’s surprising, but I definitely feel like I’m burning extra calories well after the workout ends, which is awesome!

A little about the nutrition plan that comes with Insanity Max 30 – it’s basically the 21 Day Fix plan (now also available as just the nutrition part to pair with any workouts as Portion Fix) with the option of using containers.   The containers come with the deluxe pack.  It splits you into 2 calorie brackets – if you’re over 150 lbs or under 150 lbs.  I end up in the 21 Day Fix bracket that is one above where I am if I figure it out through the 21 Day Fix formula.  Which makes sense as these workouts are mote intense.  So on my sidebar where it says how I’m eating, I left the 21 Day Fix though I could say either program…they’re the same!  I love the 21 Day Fix, so that works for me.

What questions do you have about Insanity Max 30?  Let me know and I’ll answer what I can.  The bundle of Shakeology, the base program and support from me is on sale until the end of the month, so ask now and get in on a deal.  I love/live to save!

October Challenge!

We’re nearing October!  So to wrap up September, here is the October challenge I have planned!

October 2014 Thighs

I run these Facebook-based monthly groups to give you a mini-workout to fit in quick, repetitive exercises that will have you feeling confident and stronger by the end of the month if you play along. They take just a few minutes, and I post at least daily to keep you going.  Let me know if you’d like to join in for October!

Also to clean up September, the 21 Day Fix challenge pack is discounted until the end of the month!  Get a great deal and set yourself up for success with this program plus an accountability group to keep you motivated!  You can join my group for information here.  If you don’t know much about the program, it’s portion controlled eating plus daily workouts to get you quick results and set up a habit of fitness.

Okay…that’s it for now, but stay tuned for some more program news and information!  Lots of exciting things coming up!

Need a Fix?

I’ve moved my Shakeology!  Where did it go?  To the afternoon!   This opens up my time to try out some new things.  When I have it early, I’m still in a bit of a haze and just go for the water and ice.  Afternoon, I am up and more adventurous!  So I’ve been playing a little with cookie-esque recipes and am loving this one.  If you like the chocolate and mint combo, this is a must try!

Photo Sep 07, 2 20 25 PM (2)

Just be careful with the mint…it gets overpowering quick!  This fits into the 21 Day Fix as a red and a yellow if you’re wondering.

I have been using the 21 Day Fix (link to my wrap up of the first round) meal plan since it’s release in February.  I have done the nutrition plan with and without the workouts and it is my favorite all-around plan…everything you need to build healthy habits.

This month, it is discounted…in both English and Spanish. If you know me, you know I don’t stop talking about how much I love the 21 Day Fix plan. The nutrition plan has completely changed the way I eat and (re)taught me the portions I need of each type of food. I find it so easy to follow! I’ve been even using the nutrition side with my Body Beast workouts.

21 Day Fix Sept Collage

The workouts are solid also, which was the biggest surprise to me. You get 7 workouts (one for each day!), 30 minutes each, that are simple yet effective. Autumn is a great motivator and you’ll find yourself quoting her quickly! Love it!

FYI – The 21 Day Fix en Español is dubbed, not subtitled. So no need to read the screen!

The discounted pack comes with the nutrition plan, containers for measuring (and packing into…they come with tops!), the workouts, and starts off Shakeology (can be changed or canceled any time). You also get an extra workout for ordering through me, plus the money back guarantee as always!  And me to give you motivation along the way!

If you’re looking for some all around health and fitness help, you can’t ask for much more! Talk to me about getting discounts on those future months of Shakeology too. We are almost up to two years of daily Shakeology and can’t go without it!

21 Day Fix Wrap Up

So, I finished the 21 Day Fix this week.  Final tally was a loss of 7 inches and almost 7 lbs, now almost 8 as of this morning!  To review, it took me over 11 months to lose the 7 prior.  So doing it in 21 days is amazing.

IMG_3447 IMG_3448

And not only that, I have made new habits, which is part of the point of the 21 days.  My biggest changes are breakfast – now eating less oatmeal and adding hard boiled eggs, and more vegetables.  I also have been doing a little more prep work, making chicken, eggs, fish, etc ahead of time.  It has taken less than 15 minutes of real work (hands on) some nights, not all nights.  That is completely doable for me!  It seemed like such a daunting task before, but when I actually did it, it wasn’t so bad.

I haven’t been continuing with the workouts as I am switching to 10K training and keeping up with the formats I plan to teach.  I want to include the Yoga Fix workout once a week or so as I do this because it was one of the best home yoga DVDs I have done.   When it comes to yoga at home, I want a quick workout that moves and gives me a good stretch.  Otherwise, I wont do it!  For me, doing yoga at home is really tough.  I prefer the class atmosphere.

The rest of the workouts will get used as well.  I love the pace, and the intensity is a good level to throw in with other programs – juuuust right.

So, who could benefit from the 21 Day Fix?  Almost anyone!  There is a modifier, and the workouts can be done by just about any fitness level.  The nutrition program is easy to follow and helps you make lasting changes.  I ate out several times and even that was pretty easy!

I’ve been slacking on the diet the past few days and still have lost about a pound. I haven’t eaten poorly, just not to the plan.  I’m going to recommit to it fully on Monday! More 21 days!  I can’t wait to see the results from another round.   This round, I was walking taller, feeling better in my clothes and just feeling good.  Love it!

Do you have questions for me?  I’d love to help!

Day 18!

Funny how I made the video at lunch but didn’t manage to get it uploaded until 9!  Whoops!

I also took a bit of a progress pic today.  I’m pretty happy with my 21 Day Fix results so far.  This weekend may be difficult to stay on track, but results will definitely help keep me in line.

Photo Feb 28, 9 47 03 AM (1)


I also feel just better in general.  I’m finding myself standing taller, pushing myself in the workouts more and having an easier time with eating well.  I’m okay with 2t of peanut butter for dessert.  I look forward to my meals but don’t realize when it’s passed my usual mealtime because I’m not hungry.

It’s time for my wild Friday night to end, so good night to you all!

Day 17 and March Challenge

I can not get enough of the 21 Day Fix!  Down 6.9 lbs in 16 days.  I think the first time I have had such losses was when I first started weighing myself and eating well!  The workouts are fun, quick and challenging and the nutrition plan is filling, simple and delicious.  I am so glad I started the fix!  True game changer.

And in March, we’re doing ARMS!!  I’m looking forward to 3 exercises where we usually have 1…

March 2014 arms


If you’d like to join in on the fun, comment and let me know!

Special Guest Star for Day 16

So, weigh in today was down 5.9 pounds in the 15 days of the 21 Day Fix…amazing!  I’m always full, and it’s been easy to stick to the plan.  Check out this lunch…



Quinoa, chicken, spinach, a few grape tomatoes, cilantro, oil and vinegar.  In perfect portions for my day.  My old lunch was never keeping me this satisfied!  I’m hooked on the fix and not afraid to let everyone know 😉

In between taking the video and this post, I did get Cardio Fix done.  It’s tough, but doing each exercise for just a minute is perfect. I am feeling good!  And done in enough time to relax before bed.

What are you up to tonight?

Pilates Fix

Want to hear more about the 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix workout?  Watch all about it!

And in related news, the program is back in stock and you don’t need to preorder anymore…with 3 more days of the sale and free shipping!

I never got into how my hard boiled eggs in the oven went.  We’ll say poorly.  I had to toss 3 of the eggs because they were undercooked and the shells didn’t come off easily.  Maybe if I wanted to experiment with it, I could find the right parameters to make it work, but I think I’ll just boil for now!  I did my last batch with some baking soda in the water (to make them easier to peel) which has worked!  I plan to be back on a hard boiled egg habit even after the 21 days are up (well, I may be just doing another round too).  It’s been such a tasty and filling snack!

What are your favorite snacks?