Milkmakers Cookie Review

I tried the Milkmakers lactation cookies a few weeks ago.  I had been meaning to try them and they were on at a discount, so I jumped on it.




I tried to get a picture below to show size with my grande Starbucks cup.  But the cookie still looks smaller than actual size.  It’s one big cookie!  Not that it’s bad, but I would rather a few smaller cookies.  I have been eating half at a time sometimes, but it’s hard to put half a cookie back!



They taste good as well.  I usually make oatmeal chocolate chip ones, and these are raisin instead.  I like mine better, and I think it is more than just the chocolate.  Mine are a bit sweeter.  These are on the spiced side.  But I do like them.

I have bought another batch since my first, so I obviously give them a thumbs up!  It is hard to judge them for milk production as I do so much to boost that and keep it up.  I continue to break even though.  In theory, I’ll continue making my own and have these for back up, but each day I say I’ll make cookies, I have something pop up.  I bought raisins for the next batch, so I’ll post about that once I test them out!