The number on the scale

After one week of tracking my food and trying to make healthier choices, I am down 3 lbs.  I have 29.5 lbs to go until I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight.  That sounds so tough, but I know I can do it.  And I hope to lose more after.

While scale weight is one measure of weight loss, as I get closer to my goals, I will focus less on it.  For now, I have such a large amount I want to lose that it will work for me.  I’m also still in yoga pants making it tough to see changes in how my clothes feel.  But more important to me than the number on the scale is how my clothes fit and how I feel.  Scale weight is affected by so many things – sodium, water, time of day, time of month, etc.  It isn’t reliable and it isn’t something you can directly control.  How many times do you rock your week and see a gain on the scale?  How does that make you feel?

I long ago decided not to let the number get me down.  I have quit weighing myself for periods of time, opting instead to use a pair of jeans as the measure of my success.  I would rather look and feel great than to know that the scale says I weigh x, that my BMI is y or that my clothes are size z.

I do take measurements.  I plan to take them when I can begin working out again, and then every 2 months or so from then on.  I have a little spreadsheet that I track the results in, but many sites have them also including My Fitness Pal and Team Beachbody (get an account through my site ).  Measurements, especially when taken over time (not daily!) are a great way to track weight loss success.  And how awesome does it feel to see those inches coming off!  A loss of 10 lbs can look so different from person to person.  But lose 10″ and you know you’re seeing your success.

So I will be tracking my weight loss in multiple ways for a full picture.