What do you do when your child’s school has a “Wear Green for Reptiles” day and you have a reptile?  For me, I made her a shirt.

I had some iron on printer paper, and while it works alright, it isn’t that great.  I wouldn’t use this route if you wanted to wear something many times, but for a child who will likely grow out of this shirt soon anyway, it didn’t seem like a gamble.  It was really simple to do, so I’ll go through it for you.

First, get the paper and shirt.  I used this paper and got a mint green shirt at Carter’s.  I had seen a similar top at Target, but it was ribbed and I didn’t think that was a good starting point!

Then, get a picture or image.  I took this one of our Gilligan to start out.


Then I used picmonkey and the Avery Design and Print site to create the printable.  For this, I liked using their tool because they know to flip the image for the iron on! I’d likely forget otherwise.  I cropped the picture and added text with picmonkey and then added a border with the Avery site.  And printed the result.

after the picmonkey step

after the picmonkey step

Then I followed the instructions for the iron on…I wont go through that in case you have different paper.


I think it came out pretty well!  She liked having her pet on her shirt, though I think she forgot unless looking in a mirror.  And she was the only one who wore green in her class, which is the usual.  But we had fun with it!  Today is pajama day, and I don’t think I’m going to go with that.  No one does!

I like it!

I like it!

It has some cracks in it already, but I still think it’s cute.

What would you iron on?