I wanted to post some answers to a few questions I have heard about Insanity. These are my opinions, and I hope that they are helpful. If you have other questions, leave them in the comments!

Can anyone do it? Well, yes and no. First, we’re talking “anyone who can workout”…if your doctor says no or there are other limitations, then no. If you pay attention to form (a mirror or buddy are helpful) and are willing to go slower to maintain form, yes. You are encouraged to take breaks when necessary! There are times when no one in the video is doing the move. Be smart and listen to your body. As you do the workouts, you’ll get stronger and it will get easier.

That said, is it a good newbie workout? Not really! It’s hard. I wont lie. And that can be really discouraging to a beginner. I think that being at a point where exercise is a habit, or very much becoming one, is a good plan.

Do I need equipment? Nope! I got a jump mat because I have a bad leg and floors with no give. Other than that, I use a towel and water!


Do I need a lot of room? Nope! I can do the whole workout on the jump mat plus a few inches to either side (for moves like globe jumps that move. I would say that if you have a square where each side is just over your height, you’re good.

Does it work? If you do it, yes. If you buy the workout and put it on a shelf? No. It isn’t magical.

That’s what I have for now. Is your question not answered? Ask away!