What’s News?

This weekend was Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN.  It was full of workouts, motivation and positivity…and a bunch of announcements that I wanted to pass along!

First, the workouts!  I worked out with Sagi Kalev of Body Beast, danced with Shaun T in his new program Cize, and worked out with 25,000 others on the street!

That's me!

That’s me!

Now…what’s coming, starting with what’s first!

My haul...minus clothes

My haul…minus clothes

* Fixate!  It’s a cookbook that has container counts to use with the 21 Day Fix program.  I read through it and it has some tips in addition to the 101 recipes.  I’m going to make one this week, so stay tuned!

* Shaun T’s new program Cize launched today!  It’s all about dancing.  We worked up a sweat, had a blast and…get this…didn’t look like fools!  Shaun T has a way of breaking it down so you get it, without making it too easy.  Everyone kept up and had fun.  I started this program today and I’m looking forward to using it with things getting a little crazy with the move.

No equipment, and if you purchase the program and have Beachbody on Demand, you can stream it!  So I don’t even need a dvd player.  This makes the challenge pack an awesome value, especially with it discounted right now…Shakeology, 30 days streaming and the full Cize program plus a bonus workout and a prize from me.  Whoa!  The nutrition plan is portion control and includes a weekend guide for when life happens.

Me at Cize!

Me at Cize!

* Coming tomorrow!  New Boosts to add to Shakeology! Some days you need more energy, other days you may not be getting enough veggies. You now have the power to customize your shakes to your specific needs. Introducing 3 unique Boosts: Focused Energy Boost, Power Greens Boost, and Digestive Health Boost. I bought the Focused Energy and I do feel a bit more of a boost over my usual Shakeo.

* Launching Wednesday!  Beachbody Performance line of supplements.  It’s a breakthrough addition to the nutrition catalogue. The unique formulas were designed by Harvard-trained scientists and rooted in cutting-edge exercise physiology and performance nutrition research, this premium supplement system offers a way to supercharge your performance—and your results—safely and effectively. The 5 formulas—Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine—can be used alone or easily customized depending on your fitness goals or needs. This all-in-one system has its own unique benefits but can also be used to work together. It’s a totally customizable solution.  I picked up the sampler pack and a full tub of Energize.  I have found that the Energize gives me more pep but gentler than the E&E I’ve been using and loving.

* Now this is HUGE…coming in December, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program.  If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love Body Beast…lifting heavy, and I love the 21 Day Fix…portion controlled eating with simple short workouts involving both cardio and strength. How do you choose when you love both??  This program combines the two, including Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev! I’m in so much for this! Go here to get info as soon as it’s out!



Along with all of these, a few less tangible announcements.  There have been major improvements in the streaming workouts on Beachbody on Demand, especially with casting from device to a TV, and more are to come!  Workouts not available on DVD, Q&As with trainers, an app for that and much more!  Also coming is an app that I can keep better tabs on you with…accountability anyone??

So, next year’s summit is returning to Nashville 7/28/2016! Who’s coming with me??



Some Monday Motivation!

Good morning!!  How are you feeling today?  If you’re waking up and not feeling ready to go, change that thought in your head! Put on a smile, say “I’ve got this” and rock your Monday!

Photo Apr 20, 5 12 38 AM

So much of your day is set by your attitude, so change it and get going!!

I’ve been meaning to fill you in on the April deals…only took 20 days!  So, what’s on for April?

piyo, home workout

p90x3, home workout

  • Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Challenge Pack: only $275 USD (normally $305 USD)  Join Co-Creator of Shakeology, Darin Olien, as he does the Ultimate Reset, April 29th to May 19th!  I have’t tried the Ultimate Reset yet, but this is a great deal if you’re looking for a 21 day whole food cleanse!

ultimate reset, cleans, whole food

Which will you try?  If you’re also looking to lose some baby weight, don’t forget about my next accountability group starting May 4th!  You can use one of the programs with a deal for this too!

lose that baby weight, challenge, get fit, mom

You can fill out the form in my original post to be contacted about the group!  We can do this, and it’s easier together!


I finished up P90X3 (results later today or tomorrow!) and was having a tough time deciding what to do next.  I have fallen back in love with lifting weights, so I really wanted to continue with it.  A bit of good timing helped me along on my decision…the price was lowered on Body Beast, a lifting program that will add mass for men and definition for women.  I’ve been eyeing this forever, so it seemed to be the right time.

But I don’t have it yet!  Plus, I’m going away in 2 weeks and don’t want to pack dumbbells.  So I’m doing a full round of the 21 Day Fix with the workouts and nutrition.  Plus some extras because Body Beast workouts are longer than 30 min.  So I’m trying to see how extending my workout time goes.  It’s tough after a long time doing 30 minute workouts!  I’ve been so spoiled.

So I’m on day 2 of 21.  I forgot how much I loved these workouts!  They are quick, effective and led by Autumn Calabrese, who I find super motivating.  I always think how if she wants to tell me how to get her body, I’m going to listen…she is fit and healthy!

download (1)

Now, I also have some time to collect equipment for Body Beast.  I will need a few heavier dumbbells as I have up to 25s, but want to have options up to 50.  I’d love to get these…aren’t they pretty? Other recommended equipment is something for pull ups, a bench or stability ball, and an EZ curl bar.  I hear you can do it without the bar though, so I’m going to skip it.  Everything else I have!

I’m excited for this new venture in weights.  And at home!

Want to hear the August Sales before I go?  T25 and 10 Minute Trainer Challenge Packs are on sale this month!  Both give effective, quick workouts!  Gotta love a time saver!  I did T25 last year and have worked a lot of the videos in since I completed it.  I always can find 25 minutes!

hotlist-august-tmt hotlist-august-t25

P90X3 – Eccentric Lower

Moving on with our P90X3 workouts, here comes Eccentric Lower!

This is similar to Eccentric Upper (go figure) in that you are working the negative, or eccentric part of each exercise. For the lower body, some examples are the down motion in a squat or lunge, or the up motion in a glute bridge.

The workout uses resistance, so get out your weights or bands. You’ll also need a chair and I’d suggest a mat for the floor exercises.  The chair is used in a one-legged squat exercise, not just for balance, so do have one nearby!

The hardest move in this workout for me was the Tony’s triangle based move…a side plank with leg raise.  I have major difficulty with the full exercise (and most leg raise type moves) but modifications are shown.  Pay attention to these your first time through!

I love leg workouts, and this didn’t disappoint.  The three counts/one count exercises are definitely going to work your muscles!

What is your favorite way to work the legs?

Warrior Mode!

In addition to my December Challenge, I’ve started doing Les Mills Combat.  It is so much fun!  Let me tell you a story…

I started working out at a gym.  I took a lot of classes, including some great kickboxing classes.  They were mostly combination based, not a lot of drills, some used light bags and all were fun.  When I left the gym to work out at home (like now, I had little time to workout and getting to/from the gym was time I could use elsewhere), I found Turbo Jam.  It was also a lot of fun, but different.  The classes had been more fight based and more technical – not that form wasn’t important in both, but the moves were more traditional.  Turbo Jam was dancey and happy.  I looked forward to my workouts and found something I loved.

Now years later, I am working out at home mostly again.  I moved on to Turbo Fire, became a certified Turbo Kick instructor and still adore the workouts.  But!  I tried Combat.  It’s terrific.  So much like the workouts I used to do.  They make me feel strong and like I can take on anything.  I still haven’t made it through all of the workouts (just finished week 2 – I’m doing the Ultimate Warrior schedule) but it’s been fun.  I’m so glad I tried it.  You never know how much you’ll like something until you try!  I didn’t even realize how much I missed my old workouts.

There is still plenty of room for my Turbo workouts.  They are different, not better or worse.  Sometimes, I have too many fun workouts to choose from!  This is one of the reasons I like to use a schedule – without one I wouldn’t be able to choose between all of my favorites!

So…do you want to see a workout by workout review of Combat like I did for T25?  Let me know!

Got 30 minutes?



P90X3 releases on 12/10…9 days from now!  It is all 30 minute workouts.  Nice and quick!  You do not need to have done P90X or P90X2 prior to doing P90X3 – it is a standalone workout.

Here’s a video with more info…

Want to be alerted with the most updated P90X3 info or have questions already?  Let me know!