Big Gym, Little Gym

We have had some fun over here.  Some sarcastic, most not but all still good.  There have been hikes and walks and visits and naps.  Smiles aplenty.


We went to an Arbor Day festival where we saw Zoe’s first band (since being born, she “saw” a few in the womb), Peat Moss and the Fertilizers.  They were our wedding band and are a lot of fun.  Zoe was more into pulling up the grass.


There was also the night spent on the floor in the baby’s room.   And the back pain to show for it.   Luckily, that was so far just the one night.  And the smiles make it all okay.

Today, we checked out a class at The Little Gym.  It was free and on a weekend, so sign us up!  It is tough to find mommy and me type classes on the weekends, so that was even better.  Zoe was the youngest there, but held her own through some songs, parachute time and “climbing” around…really just touching some things while being held.  They don’t have a weekend class during the summer, but it is something I may revisit in fall.  Right now, our Sundays are pretty booked so I don’t think the rest of this session would work well.  But fun.  If they offer a free introductory class by you, take it.  They didn’t even try to sell me before I left.  And worked with me when I needed to reschedule.

The big gym is for our hike.  Using the world to workout.  We didn’t really plan where to go and ended up on a park trail that was much more hiking than walking.  Lots of hills, made even more fun holding a 13+ lb baby.  One of the downhills was a little too steep for my comfort but we made it still standing.  And I got a better workout than planned.  Nothing wrong with that.


I wish every day was the weekend!