So, you want to have a healthy dessert, right?  And want it to be delicious, yes?  Especially with the holidays and so many unhealthy goodies around!  It’s so hard to stick to plan.

Enter this…I have no name for it.  I was inspired by a recipe I remembered making years ago, but I didn’t feel like going back to find where I had it.  So I recreated it on the fly the other day and want to share with you!

Photo Dec 17, 7 31 15 PM

Yes.  It looks like a mess.  But a tasty mess!  What’s in it?  Pretty simple (and a quick recipe too!)…

Photo Dec 17, 7 12 15 PM

Chocolate protein powder (I use casein for dessert.  It’s slow releasing!) and natural peanut butter.  Plus water, added super slowly so it doesn’t become too liquidy.  Place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes and enjoy!  I’ve left it in longer and it does get pretty hard, but I kind of like that also!  I break it into pieces and it’s like candies.  I basically finish out my 21 Day Fix containers with this, so today I used 1.5 scoops of protein powder and 2t PB to fit in my day.

What do you think?  Who wants to offer up a name for this concoction?

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Can you say yum?


Ice cream!

This is how I do delicious!  This is a simple and healthy dessert recipe that is also easily modified to suit your tastes and ingredients.

The basic recipe:

1 banana, frozen in pieces
~1T almond milk
~1t vanilla

Whirl in a small food processor until smooth, breaking to scrape sides as needed.

You can do that, right?  Here, I added chocolate protein powder (I used this) and drizzled natural peanut butter over it.  I’ve also added instant coffee, berries, and left it the way it was.  Tasty, healthy and easy…triple threat!

Protein Ice Cream


Looks delicious, right? Well, it tastes it! I have been trying to eat better, cleaner foods but still like having a little something after dinner…I eat about 5:30 so I’m truly hungry for it well before bed (after 9).

This is made in the Magic Bullet, but any blender would work!

-protein powder (I use about 3/4 scoop)
-1/2 cup almond milk
-1 Tablespoon natural PB

Just blend and freeze if you like. It will be thick and tasty! Enjoy 🙂