Breaking Up With Gym Pact

It had to be done ūüė¶ ¬†I had gone back¬†hoping for the best, and it was smooth sailing for a while. ¬†But then came issues…needing to contact them because rewards weren’t showing. ¬†Needing to contact them because they charged me when I completed my pact. ¬†Friends having similar issues. ¬†And little response from them. ¬†Eventually, all my issues were fixed and I took my money and ditched. ¬†It was more of a hassle than I wanted.

One thing I can’t understand is why they don’t have a way to see your history – like with each week’s workouts, showing how much you earned and what that made your balance. ¬†If I didn’t keep track myself, I might not have realized that I was stiffed 4 of the past 6 weeks. ¬†I have suggested this to them, but they haven’t implemented it.

So no more updates from me on that. ¬†I did make almost $100 for working out since rejoining, never having to pay in. ¬†But that wasn’t too worth it in the end. ¬†Now I no longer have to worry that my workout didn’t count because the app froze or drain my battery first thing in the morning.

So, anyone else have motivational apps I can check out?  Leave them in the comments!

Gym-Pact Take 2

I started using the Gym-Pact App last year when it first started up. ¬†If you haven’t heard of it, you risk an amount for completing workouts. ¬†So I risk $5 that I will log 3 workouts with them (starting small and will up it as I get more confident in the app working!). ¬†If I fail to complete my workouts, I lose my money. ¬†If I succeed, I get a share of the money of those who did not complete their pact proportionate to the amount of workouts I wagered (so if I bet I’ll do 6 workouts, I’ll get more money than the 3 I’m doing now). ¬† ¬†From January to May of last year, I made about $50 and never paid in.

I had some issues though. ¬†I tried to cash out 4 times before deciding to quit. ¬†Two out of four times, I had an issue with the transaction and had to deal with customer service. ¬†Customer service didn’t get back to me in a time frame I found acceptable (I’m talking weeks, not hours). ¬†I also had many glitches with the app logging me out during my workout or saying the workout was complete but having it missing later. ¬†It was more of a hassle than a motivator, so I quit.

A friend of mine used the app also, and made awesome progress last year. ¬†You can check her out on Gym-Pact’s blog. ¬†This year, they launched Gym-Pact Anywhere, allowing you to use the app for home workouts. ¬†At first, you could only workout at a gym (had to be verified) and then you could do a run with RunKeeper. ¬†Anywhere uses the accelerometer on the iPhone to judge if you’re moving enough and you have (I think) 150 minutes to get 30 minutes above their threshold for a minute. ¬†So far TurboFire cardio workouts hit the threshold but the strength and stretch workouts do not.

So I’m trying it again, actually starting next week though I’ve been logging workouts. ¬†I am having an issue with the app not counting past 16 minutes with the lock screen on (it resumes when unlocked) which I am told they are working on. ¬†But otherwise it’s good. ¬†I wish there was a way for it to work for less intense movements but that’s one of the reasons I wanted to try before going all out into 6 workouts a week. ¬†I probably can’t guarantee time for more than 5 every week that will make their threshold. ¬†But that’s still good! ¬†I’ll post any updates as to how I do with the app.

Workout yesterday – TurboFire Fire30 and Tone30
Workout today – most of TurboFire Fire55EZ and foam rolling