Busy weekend!

I have been up at 5 both weekend days, but all for good, fun things.  Yesterday, my husband ran his second half marathon, so I woke up extra early to get in a workout.  I also walked while he was running up to a place I could catch him as he ran past and then back to the start/finish line.  A lot of the rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and eating with some errands built in.  I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but it was still a good day.

Today’s big event was taking our pug for a photoshoot!  We found 1000 Pugs, where a photographer is spending a year photographing (go figure) 1000 pugs.  Artoo is #1 pug to us, but 1 of 1000 is good too.  It was fun and we can’t wait to see the pictures she took!  Here’s Artoo in Washington Square Park after his posing was done…


Then, since it’s Sunday we watched football!  We drove to meet a friend and watched most of the daytime games.  It was a good time and my jersey still fits.  A month to go/grow!  My husband’s jersey is a size bigger than mine, so I’ll switch with him if necessary but I think I might be able to make it through in my own.  It would be great to be done buying maternity clothes after my last order of some colder weather wear.

Now to get ready for a busy week!

Workout yesterday – Prenatal Vinyasa from yogadownload.com, walked over 2 miles
Workout today – Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way


Out Of Time

Some days workouts just don’t work out. Today is one of those days.

I didn’t workout yesterday either, so it was a bad day to miss. I was trying to catch up on sleep this weekend, so I relaxed instead of popping out of bed to exercise. Then last night, I was up from 12:45 am – about 5 am. At 4:30 I decided to reset my alarm and skip working out in the morning.

Then I worked. Until about 30 minutes ago. My work computer is actually still doing work for me, but I don’t need to be there. I could workout now, but I want to go to bed early so I’d rather relax. In between work and now, I folded laundry, clipped coupons (and filed them) and got some paperwork together to look at. I’m sitting on the exercise ball instead of the couch, so I have that. And tomorrow I plan to workout in the morning and night. I can’t make it to yoga on Saturday, so I want to go tomorrow night and I still plan to do this morning’s workout tomorrow morning. Assuming I sleep!

We visited a daycare center today (as my “lunch”). It was definitely an option. I’m going to post a list of the questions we went in with this week/weekend. This was the second place we visited, and there were differences but we would feel comfortable with either. So now it’s decision making time. We shouldn’t need it until March, but I’d like to have a plan early.

Just for fun (and because I think he’s adorable), this is how my dogs were when I woke up yesterday. The pug looks super comfortable. doesn’t he?  He’s looking at me like “take the picture already so I can go back to bed”.


Walking Around

I wrote this the other day and it disappeared into wherever it is these things go.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking for fitness.  Usually I would walk as active rest, but now I’ve been walking as a real part of my fitness…and a good way to listen to recorded conference calls.  Now that it isn’t as hot out, I love getting outside and walking around.  Especially in our little neighborhood where I can say hello to people.  We’ve been here over 3 years and don’t know a lot of our neighbors yet.

I wish that our dogs could handle a walk more than around the block.  There are a lot of great things about having older dogs.  They are calm but have bouts of playfulness and are excellent couch mates.  I love a good nap with these two.  But they can’t take the long walks. Our boxer sometimes has a lot of energy, but then spends it really quickly.  It is hard to know how far she can make it and also make it back.  The pug is short and stocky and needs the exercise, but gets tired really quickly.  I still take him for short walks, but when I’m walking for me he can’t make it.

We have also started walking to more local places.  Most of what is nearby is pizza, coffee and Red Mango so we don’t have much to choose from (except that there are four pizza places) but it’s a nice way to get out.  We’ve only done pizza twice, so don’t think I’m living off of it or anything!  I really appreciate that my husband will take these walks with me.  He is training for a half marathon and is running most days and then walking with me.  And I need to go so slow!  A lot slower than my usual speed at least.

Walking, especially with a buddy, is one of the only forms of exercise that seems possible after work, so it’s great for those days I don’t sleep well and choose more sleep over the gym (more and more frequent).  I’m looking forward to walking with the baby once she’s here.  And hoping it doesn’t snow a ton this winter so that it is actually possible!

Workout Thursday – Walking (ended up being for pizza)
Workout Friday – Moms Into Fitness Third Trimester workout
Workout Saturday – Prenatal yoga, Walking (with two recorded calls)

Mid-weekend Sunday and a Review

I love three day weekends, having a middle weekend day. It is fantastic! This one came at a great time with my lack of sleep lately and allergy/sleep headaches. It has been nice to have the time to both be productive and relax.

This morning, I was sore from yesterday’s yoga and decided to do Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way. Looking back to see if I had reviewed it yet, I noticed both that I hadn’t and that I had planned to change my workout schedule to include more yoga and never did! Silly me. This week, my workout schedule is going to be a bit different than most weeks. Tomorrow, my gym has an Aqua Zumba class for the holiday, so I’m going to that and not lifting weights as I do most Mondays. But the week after, I think I’ll go back to the schedule I planned for weeks ago but never switched to.

While exercising, one of my dogs came over and sat on my yoga mat while I did standing poses. It was adorable and I wish I had a way to get a picture of it. This is the second day in a row that I have wanted to take a picture and couldn’t. I need to start doing these things while someone else is home to act as photographer.


The dogs

Review of Yoga Booty Ballet – I have been enjoying this workout much more than I expected to! I find that it is suitable for many levels. It has a cardio section, then weights and ends with yoga. The cardio is low impact and not complicated. During it the instructor calls you a sexy hot mama which always makes me smile. The weights portion is what you make of it, which is one of the reasons I find it so easy to customize to your level. I use 5 lbs, the heaviest they mention and the lightest I own. You could use lighter or even no weights. The lifting is quick and mixed with movement, which raises my heart rate more than the cardio section, but it isn’t complicated. Last is the yoga section which is also not complicated. I find it relaxing! There is a modifier who does a few exercises differently than the two others. The whole workout is about 35 minutes and requires a mat, weights (if using them) and possibly a blanket or pillow (more comfort than necessity). I put it on thinking how easy it will be, but the weights section always surprises me with how effective it is at getting me to feel my muscles.

Workout today – Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way