Easy Eating

How was your weekend?  We had a good one here!  I have to work today, but I have a 4 day weekend next week.  I’ll take it!

I wanted to go through and write out a day of food.  Not my perfect day, not super healthy, not anything special…not even a typical day.  What is it? Easy.  All of the food is quick, minimal cooking time, and reasonably healthy.  It’s a decent day.  Please remember, I eat a lot of calories right now to support breastfeeding.  This may be too much food for you, or it may be too little.   So pick and choose, use it for ideas, and I hope you find something that helps you out!

5am – Wake up – Chocolate Shakeology with frozen berries and water
8:30am – Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats (I get these that take about 5 minutes total) with almond butter and banana
A little later – Clif Z Bar (I buy the Chocolate Crispy)
11:30am – Chicken sausage (I have two of these), Butternut Squash soup (I buy the Pacific brand…not making it!) with coconut oil, nutritional yeast and cinnamon
A little later – grapes
2:30pm – P90X bar (I buy the variety box and alternate through all of them).  Larabars are also a good option, but I find that the P90X bars keep me satisfied longer.
A little later – Chocolate PB2 mixed with water
5:30/6pm – Gardenburger, Steamed spinach (in the microwave…I use this) with olive oil and Garlic Gold nuggets
pm – Tofutti Marry Me bar

I wouldn’t usually eat all of this for one day.  Often, dinner is from the crockpot (still easy) but I wanted to throw in an even easier option there.  I will also make chili (crockpot again!) for lunches.   The “a little later” foods would typically be while I’m pumping during work and aren’t always, but I left them in as quick snacks in case they’re helpful.

Are you out and about?  I have posted before about eating at Chipotle and sometimes I’ll also do Starbucks for their egg white sandwich.

Do you have questions?  I’d love to help.  You can still eat fairly healthy when you have no time!