Beasting Up

I haven’t said much about the Body Beast program I started September 1st.  It’s a tough program to give continuous results on, which I’ll get into.  But I’m going strong (*wink*) and loving the program.  I haven’t missed a day yet and am in week 7 of the Lean schedule.

The program comes with two different calendars – Huge Beast if you just want to build muscle and Lean Beast if you also want to lose some fat.  I am strongly in the still have fat to lose category, so it was an easy decision for me.  The biggest difference is in the Bulk block where the Huge Beast calendar doesn’t have Beast Cardio on the schedule at all.  Also, the Blocks can be different lengths.

So, the blocks.  This is why it’s difficult to see results until the end, and why a lot of people give up on the program.  Block 1 is Build, where you work on the foundation and working muscles synergistically (together).  This phase is 3 weeks long.  The workouts are 38-50 min in this phase of the program.  The nutrition plan recommends a 25/50/25 ratio (percentage of protein/carbs/fat) for the Build and Bulk phases.  You’re taking in a lot of calories, and need fuel in these phases.  So there is no focus on calorie restriction here!  You’re focusing on muscle growth.

Block 2 is Bulk and is all about pumping up your muscles!  Same nutrition, and the workouts are 29 – 41 min.  You stick with this for 5 weeks in the Lean Beast schedule, 6 on the Huge Beast schedule.  It’s where I am now and it’s a good place to be so far.  Cardio is once a week, 5 days a week are focused on a body part and one day is rest.

Now, the final block is Beast.  This is where you’re cutting phase is, where you strip away the fat and reveal the muscle.  Here the nutrition drops calories, and goes to 40/30/30 ratios.  It’s said to be extreme and you should keep it to 4 weeks max.  The Huge Beast schedule has you here for 3 weeks and Lean Beast is 4.  You use workouts from the other phases, so not much new there and Cardio shows up more.  There is also the Beast – Total Body workout option for Cardio  days.  I haven’t tried that workout yet but I definitely will be taking that option some days.

I adore this program.  Though I’m not seeing anything too noticeable, I have noticed some extra definition.  I’m really looking forward to the Beast phase so I see what might be hiding under there.  I feel amazing and love how strong the program makes me feel.  So while I can’t say I’m looking amazing yet, I do think I’ll see good results after the Beast, or cutting, phase!  I will say that I don’t love the Beast – Cardio workout.  I don’t hate it, but calling it cardio is kind of a misnomer.  It does burn calories, but you’re basically lifting light weights with a little plyometric work thrown in.  It isn’t so much that I don’t like it, more that I love other forms of cardio.  So, comparatively it’s not high on my list.

After Beast Cardio last week

After Beast Cardio last week

So, how do you judge if you’re making progress in a workout program like this?  First off, you’ll feel good.  Like whoa.  And like you can take on the world.  You can’t bottle that!  Second, you track your weights so you can look back at what you’ve done.  Are you increasing weight somewhere?   Does something feel easier?  You don’t want to ramp up every exercise in one workout, but there should be a progression in weight or, for the really small muscles where it is tough to increase, ease of lifting.  Don’t think you have to stay with little weights!  I use from 5-30 so far and will likely be pushing above that.  You want to challenge yourself!

So, how are you challenging yourself today?

Beast Mode is On!


This week, I started a new (to me) program.  It’s called Body Beast and it’s a bodybuilding program – straight up.  This isn’t lifting weights to music, it’s like going to the weight room at the gym.  The program has 12 workouts designed to get BIG results in the comfort of your home.  You do need equipment for this one.  I bought new fancy dumbbells for it, and also use my jump mat, an exercise ball (that’s the one I have, but I got it with this fun workout!), pull up bar (with Chin Up Max for me because I can’t do a pull up yet), and sometimes my Transfirmer as a bench.  You can also use a workout bench and an EZ Curl bar, but there is always a limited equipment guy who uses dumbbells (resistance bands for the pull up bar stuff) and a ball.  Had I not needed to expand my weight selection, I probably would have purchased a bar.

Sagi Kalev, who does the training in this program is straight out hilarious, and that’s added to by the fact that my DVD player assumes I need subtitles for him!

BB Cardio collage

Sagi’s Rules

So far, I’ve done almost my first week of the Lean Beast program.  There is also a Huge Beast calendar for those looking to solely add muscle, not also lean out.  Ladies, there is nothing about this program that will mention you.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do it!  You will not get huge, you will not look like a man, you will not…I don’t know what else, but whatever you’re thinking.  You WILL gain muscle, get definition, and as a side effect, feel like you are amazing.  Do not fear weights!

Photo Sep 01, 4 44 44 PM

So expect a more formal and total review of the workouts and program as I tackle it.  It’s 90 days long and I have two groups (one run by me, one Body Beast specific larger group) to help me stay accountable.  I decided to keep up the 21 Day Fix eating at a higher calorie level.  My plan is to keep an eye on how I’m feeling and adjust that up if needed or to the plan in the Body Beast program if it’s still not fueling me.

Speaking of the 21 Day Fix, the Spanish and English programs are both on sale for September.  If that’s been on your wishlist (or thinking about it list), now’s a great time.  Contact me with any questions!


This week was also back to school for my cool chic!  She has been having a blast with her friends after a few weeks off.  I am so glad that she has fun at daycare, though I miss her so much while she’s there!!

Photo Sep 02, 6 48 13 AM


What are you challenging yourself to take on in September?  What will make this a great month for you?