So Crafty…

Or not. I have some basic ability to sew and otherwise create but I am not exactly creative. And I am not exactly great at sewing (please see my couch pillow covers which need constant seam fixes). On occasion though, I find some things I want to make and see what happens. As I’m sure you can guess, Pinterest fuels this sometimes. Doesn’t it for all?

First, the project that didn’t work. A nursing shawl that seemed simple enough with just one straight line to sew. But making it out of knit proved difficult and I can’t get it to look as lovely as it does in the picture. I plan to try this one again in the near future, depending on nap times as everything does these days.

Next the one that worked well enough to see the light of day. I had wanted baby leg warmers but didn’t want to spend a lot. I looked a bit on Etsy and saw both some items to order and a bunch of leg warmers made out of target socks that were on clearance. Back to pinterest I went and found this tutorial. The first set, I tried using the sewing machine. Not so easy on a sock! I then tried it by hand, which worked well but seemed like the thread might break. I picked up some elastic thread yesterday and now have made two pairs, which came out well enough to be worn on a baby. At least my baby. I wont be attempting to sell them to others or give them as gifts or anything.

Here are some pics of the process…


Socks to start


One sock cut


Using the foot – fold in like a tube (starts as right, goes to left)


Sock goes into tube


Pinned to keep proper layers together and help rolling


Done. One still folded up, the other unfolded


Different pair, same process!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Workout Tuesday – TurboFire Fire30 and Sculpt30
Workout today – TurboFire Fire30 and Tone30

Took a rest day Wednesday!

First Mommy and Baby Yoga workout

I tried the first of the Mommy and Baby workouts I ordered…from Shiva Rea’s Mama & Baby Yoga.  The DVD has three workouts on it.  I had hoped to do all three, or at least two, but we needed a diaper change instead.  I preferred it over the class I had attended for a few reasons – I could go as long or short as Zoe was feeling, I could do it at any time, and no one had their class interrupted when Zoe wasn’t up to continuing.

There was one downside.  It was more mommy focused than mommy and baby focused.  I liked that the class had massage and movement for the baby.  This was more yoga for mom with a little extra to keep the baby watching so you could do it while the baby was there.  One of the poses Zoe loved though.  She was on my knees with me on my back, shins parallel to the floor, like she was flying.  Lots of smiles!

Maybe I will try to find a baby yoga workout.  Then we can mix them…a little for you, a little for me.  We will definitely do this often, it just isn’t exactly what I was looking for.

Workout today – Mama & Baby yoga – Mother’s Body Toning and practicing TurboKick round 49

I guess this is a new mom thing?

I am continually amazed with what I can accomplish with a little baby free time!  A few days ago, I had about an hour solid of my husband holding the baby.  I checked so many things off of my to do list that day.  Today, Zoe actually went to sleep off of both of us at about 8:30. I have accomplished so much that I have an abundance of energy.  Must relax soon!  She will probably wake up shortly to eat which always makes me sleepy.

We had her one month check up today and she is thriving.  The doctor was very happy with her (only fueled by breastmilk) weight gain.  I’m so happy that it has gone well.  We have started to give her a middle of the night bottle of breastmilk.  We are hoping that this will make it easier to get her back to sleep and reduce the total awake time.  I have to pump then, but it still should make it a little less sleep disturbing.

Now I will take this still-sleeping-baby time to update my to do list like  should daily.  Items to add include Christmas wrapping and learning how to install a car seat so I can transfer it to my Christmas day ride.  Exciting stuff over here!  Actually, the exciting things are already on my lists (yes, I have several).  All smiles over at our house!

One month!

Our baby is one month old today! I don’t know if we’re doing everything “right” but I know we are doing all we can for this cutie and getting better, or at least more confident, every day!


Today was Zoe’s first 5k. Not bad for a month old! She and I walked it with some friends and didn’t come in last. It was our first time using our jogging stroller (though no jogging with stroller has occurred) and I was happy with how easy a ride it was.


I am starting some challenge groups for accountability in the new year…both to help others and to keep me accountable in my own plan. I have spots available, so contact me for details! I’m so excited to start my TurboFire!

Back for now

I didn’t mean to disappear! So sorry. I have had at least one hand occupied at most times for the past 11 days, making typing a bit difficult. I have become a “liker” on Facebook because it’s easier. And I just update with photos.

We have a weight check doctor’s appointment today and I think my champion eater will be back to her birth weight easily. I went to a breastfeeding support group last Wednesday and it was super helpful, if not for technique, for confidence. It was also nice to speak to other mothers who can tell me that everything we are experiencing is normal.

And what are we experiencing? A lot of sleepless nights! When they say to sleep when the baby sleeps, no one mentions that the baby will only want to sleep on you. So she will sleep, but if I try to put her down she wakes up and cries. But we are learning what works and what doesn’t for us. And that’s all you can do!

Well, one of us needs to eat now so that’s all. Except for some pictures because who doesn’t want pictures!