Two months/Nine weeks

My baby is 9 weeks old today! We took her two month pictures this week and she’s getting so big!


I was thinking of writing a bit of our schedule, but the truth is we don’t have one. She wakes up between 6 and 9, and may take a nap. She doesn’t like napping much, so we go for rides either to somewhere in the car or for a walk around the neighborhood. She eats when she wants and we get a few really happy smiley times during the day now. Sometimes she will sit in her swing and entertain herself for a few minutes. Most days, she spends some time being walked around the house in the Moby wrap. She goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up once most nights. That’s her most predictable time, so I workout when she goes to sleep. We have fun figuring her out!

Workout today – TurboFire HIIT15 and Sculpt30