Comparing pregnancies

Yesterday, something crazy happened to me.
I was told that I’m someone “smaller” at my doctor’s appointment. Never has that happened. (Apparently, machines pick up more contractions if you’re smaller weight wise).
What’s the difference that I’ve made in my pregnancies? 
🔹I was about the same weight to start, but while I had been pushing myself to be there with my first, I had been about the same weight for a while with my second. With my first, I immediately gained 10lbs even before my first doctor’s appointment.  

🔹I didn’t like food much with either, and feel like I actually ate a bit better with my first. This time, I’m more food averse and a lot of foods leave an awful aftertaste. But this time around, I have my shakes, which means that a) I’m filling nutritional gaps and b) while I’m eating less healthy in general, I’m likely eating less calories.

🔹Some say it’s girl vs boy 

🔹 I have overall healthier habits this time around. I was starting out from not just a better weight position, but healthier and more positive in general.

Here’s a front and side view…36 + weeks and you still can’t always tell from the front…

Check out my (non maternity) athleta tank, still going strong.

I’ll be posting some more about other differences also!

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