Meet Princess Leia!

New house, new dog…or something like that!

We expected to wait until after the baby was here and we’d gotten into some sort of rhythm with him to get a dog, but sometimes you and a dog are in the right place at the right time!  We were at a brewery two weeks ago and saw a cute white boxer, just relaxing among all the people and dogs there.  Completely relaxed, especially for what looked to be a puppy.

And her leash said “Adopt me!”

So we did!

As of last Thursday night (AKA two weeks after moving in), we have a new dog…about 2 years old, white, mostly boxer.  And after a few days of figuring out a name (difficult when you try to honor a 3.5 year old who wants to call her Haroo after her favorite song) we’ve landed on Princess Leia.  It’s been just about a year since Artoo passed away (apparently we name many things after Star Wars characters) and it was time.

So, here are some pictures from our first few days with our puppy.  She plays a bit, rests a lot and is adorable.  And likes to workout with me, especially if there are squats involved!

Photo Jul 08, 6 28 00 AM

Photo Jul 08, 6 09 35 AM  Photo Jul 10, 11 51 34 AM Photo Jul 08, 6 51 14 PM

Photo Jul 08, 4 33 23 PM Photo Jul 07, 8 38 39 PM Photo Jul 07, 7 03 07 PM

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