How my usual eating has helped my pregnancy eating…

27 Weeks and all is mostly well…

File Jun 03, 6 58 30 AM

But, I hate food.  All food.  Especially vegetables (unless prepared by someone else!).  Nothing is appetizing and even if I think I want something, it doesn’t taste like I thought it would.

I’m still eating pretty well though.  I’d been using the 21 Day Fix eating plan for most of 2 years prior to finding out I was pregnant.  The plan isn’t about 21 days and done, it’s 21 days to make it a habit…and habit it is for me!  Even with the food issues, I’m measuring foods in my containers, trying to sneak vegetables in when I can, and making smart choices out and about.


Some examples…ordering a salad when out to eat last night, knowing that the pizza might look good on the menu but that it wont taste as good as it looks.  Trading my hard boiled eggs for egg muffins made with vegetables.  Adding fruits and vegetables to my Shakeology.  And of course, keeping portions in check!

Moral of the story?  Creating healthy habits help when life gets in the way!

Here’s one of my recent hidden-ish vegetable meals that I brought to a friend’s house…my favorite to share!  For the recipe, sign up for my newsletter!

File Jun 01, 9 00 04 PM

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