My favorite maternity workout wear! (with discount!)

So, story time!

When I started needing some new clothes for my expanding belly, I really didn’t want to spend much.  I looked for deals, bought some things and a lot worked.

Workout pants?  Did not!

Now, I know that last time I LOVED the pants and tops from For Two Fitness but I resisted until I saw a discount available.  And then it was…why did I wait to get these???  Why did I spend money on other clothes that I don’t love and that don’t fit as well…super important for someone teaching fitness classes!  I don’t want to be focused on fixing my pants all the time.  No one wants an instructor adjusting!

I love the tanks too…they expand well to fit the belly (I wore them my whole first pregnancy!) and are super cute!

So I went and did some shopping over there and saw that they have an ambassador program…and was approved, which means I get to offer a discount to you!!

My shopping haul...take 1!

My shopping haul…take 1!

So, fit pregnant friends… use code AGF25 for 25% off merchandise, excluding gift cards, from now through May 13th!

I’m off to do some more shopping…show me what you get!!

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