Am I working out?

You betcha!

If you follow me on facebook, you’ve seen post workout pics many days…and I promise, I actually worked out!  I feel better when I do fit it in, as long as I’m listening to my body.  And I’m still teaching 3 fitness classes a week (I’m just over 20 weeks!).  So I keep moving!

You can check out some of my Pregnancy Workouts, mostly from last time, plus I’ve added the Active Maternity series that I’m working in as I can…

Active Maternity

But, if you’ve noticed, I’ve updated the workouts I’m doing in the side…22 Minute Hard Corps!  Would I recommend it as a prenatal workout? No!  But can it be done? Yes…if a) your doctor approves, b) you worked out similarly before and c) you’re knowledgeable about modifying for pregnancy!  There are modifiers, but they are making it more of a beginner level…which doesn’t necessarily mean safe for pregnancy!

There’s a lot I have to modify, but it’s totally worth it for the extra sleep a 22 minute workout affords!  I was exhausted and getting nothing done ever.  So now, I have a little more energy during the day because I’m sleeping in until 5:30!  That may seem early, but I’m a 4am-er usually.  This has been a great way to still get in a workout.

The workouts are functional, military inspired moves, done for 3 rounds in each workout.  I love the repetition and knowing what’s coming, without feeling like I just did a move.  The reps change either up or down, depending on the exercise, with each round.  I find it motivating, though i can’t yell “Get some!” at the TV with the cast because my daughter is usually sleeping!  Sure, I wont be seeing some fantastic results, but I do see that I’m doing a lot better on weight gain this pregnancy than last!  And I feel good when doing it.  Which makes it so worth it.

So…Yes, I’m working out.  And yes, I’m listening to my body.  And yes, some days are better than others.  But I’m still here!

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