The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Hammer Build Up

The last of the Hammer and Chisel workouts that I’ll be going through! This is one of the deluxe workouts, which I wasn’t going to get into, but then my daughter was up for this one, so I had to record!

The deluxe workouts are on the schedule as optional add ons – Hammer Build Up (30 min), Power Chisel (30 min), 15 Minute Leg Hammer and 15 Minute Glute Chisel.  There is an 8lb ball that is used a lot in these, but it isn’t required.

Hammer Build Up does most things for 30 seconds (some single sided exercises switch at 15).  It hits everything in a short period of time…a great one to pull out if you are short on time and need to get it done!

Length – 30 minutes
Trainer – Sagi Kalev
Equipment – Bench, Weights, Medicine Ball, B-Lines Resistance Band or Towel, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit

Quick video with guest star!

Front Back Lunge
Reverse Grip Row
Reverse Fly
1-Hand Push-Up
Bench Fly
Feet on Ball Push-Up
Incline Press
Ball Military Press
Lateral Raise
Upright Row
Anterior Raise
Standard Curl
Hammer Curl
Concentration Curl
Rotation Curl
Skull Crusher
Ball Plank Hold
Ball Mountain Climber
Windshield Wipers

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