The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Total body chisel

Moving along with the Hammer and Chisel workout reviews, it’s Total Body Chisel!

This one states “Full-body resistance moves that exhaust individual muscle groups to help you see dramatic change at lightning speed.”  Those words sound terrific! So how does it actually go?

You do super sets of 3 moves for 10 reps, 3 times.  Each set has a lower body move, an upper body push move and an upper body pull move (see below for each exercise).

I love how this one moves right along…the structure allows you to rest one muscle group while working another, for maximum results in minimum time.

How minimum?  36 minutes!  Not bad for a total body workout!

A video of a few of the moves from this workout:

Length – 36 Minutes
Equipment – Bench or Stability Ball, Weights
Trainer – Autumn Calabrese

– Squat
– Bench Press
– Reverse Grip Row
– Lunge
– Incline Fly
– Lat Pull Over
– Step Down Cross Back
– Incline Curl
– Bench Dips


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