The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – ISO Strength Chisel

Moving along with the Hammer and Chisel reviews (slowest pace ever, but they’re coming!), we have ISO Strength Chisel!  This one’s description is “Full range-of-motion moves and isometric holds build strength and chisel fat for your leanest physique.”  What does that mean?  You’ll be sore tomorrow! (Try the Recover formula for that!)

But really, it means that you’ll both be working through the exercises with reps and holding in the position as well, working the muscles in different ways, plus basically exhausting them.  In just 35 minutes!  I like that it is hard, but short, and that once a muscle is just physically done, you move on.  Really knocks it out of the park without a lot of mental stress, which is nice when you workout super early!

A video of a few of the moves from this workout:

Length – 35 Minutes
Equipment – Bench, Weights, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit
Trainer – Autumn Calabrese

Each move has the same pattern – 10 reps followed by a 10 second hold, done a total of three times with no rest
– Sumo Squat
– Push-Up
– Split Squat
– Pull-Up
– Step-Up Side
– 1-Arm Row
– Sit-Up C-Curve
– Lateral Raise

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