The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Total Body Hammer

Another in our Master’s Hammer and Chisel series!  This one has pyramid-style sets of 10, 8 and 6 reps with minimal rest.  This is supposed to increase metabolic burn, even after your workout!

As always, a quick video:

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Bench or Stability Ball, Weights, Resistance Band, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit


  • Bench Press
  • Squat
  • Reverse Grip Row
  • Incline Fly
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Wide Pull-Up
  • Military Press
  • Split Squat
  • Post Delt Fly

This one sounds intimidating!  But it was fun.  I love the simple moves, done with a little twist with the pyramid sets.  This is a great one to pull out later if you’re doing something cardio heavy and want to cycle in some weights…hits everything, hits it well.

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