The Masters Hammer and Chisel – Chisel Agility

Moving along with the Masters Hammer and Chisel workouts, today we have Chisel Agility!

You know a workout will be a challenge when there’s no equipment!  This one is super cardio focused, but on moving those feet and using that brain!!  It’s the moves below, 60 seconds each for 2 rounds.

Equipment: None

Time: 40 minutes


-High Knees / Fast Tire Feet
Plank X Taps (calling out tapping your feet and hands)
Shuffle / Grapevine
Lateral Squat Hop
Multidirectional Lunge
Rotating Squat Jump
Skater Triangle
Diagonal Jump Lunge
Circle In & Out (fast feet, tapping into a circle while moving around the circle)
Directional Squat Jump (calling out front, left, right, back.)

Here’s a video of some of the moves!

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