The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Iso Speed Hammer

Today’s Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout was ISO Speed Hammer.  Check out my first of the workout posts for more information!

This workout is a tempo based isometric workout.  We do the movements below 1 up, 3 down (for the most part) for 10 reps, then 10 fast reps.  Then we move on to the next move…makes total sense, right?  You can check out the video to get an idea.

Equipment: Bench or Stability Ball, Weights, Resistance Band, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit

Length – 25 minutes

Here are the moves:

Static Lunge (L&R)
Side Lateral Raise
Sumo Squat
Rear Delt Cross Fly
Pistol Squat (L&R)
Biceps Curl Face Down
Calf Raises
Tricep Kickback with Twist

And the video!

This is nice and short…about 25 minutes!  Definitely feel worked though!

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