Wait, Is It Black Friday?

I heard something like that!

Happy day after Thanksgiving.  I hope you had a fantastic day full of gratitude and happiness!

Here’s a round up of current deals.  All come with a little me to push you and hopefully make you smile while also sticking to your plan!

First, a ton of items are up to 85% off!!  Head here to check those out.  These ones are good until supplies last or December 1st!

Next, there are challenge pack deals, some including extras!  I’ll put some amazing results below.  These are great options for real results since they are a total solution (and a 30 day money back guarantee!  Woohoo!!).  There is still time to get in 21 days before Christmas and see those results…the end of the year doesn’t have to mean gaining weight!







Last up, a special from me to you!  All November challenge packs (including the ones here) get a Fixate cookbook from me.  You’ve seen the recipes I’ve made!  Love it and it has both container counts to use with the portion control containers and nutrition information!  Just to say Thank you.


So stay home, order up and don’t get trampled!

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