21 Day Fix vs 21 Day Fix Extreme

My bad guys!  Someone asked me this the other day and I, of course, popped over here to find my post about it to send along and found…


There are my results and thoughts scattered about, but no comprehensive posts.  So here we go.  What is the difference between the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme programs?

First, the official comparison…

fix vs fix extreme

So that’s official…but what is my opinion?

The original plan is a true lifestyle plan.  The eating is how I eat almost all times.  I love it because it is so much food (wait for more on that), but still allows a little wiggle room.  The workouts are super adaptable, and you can modify them both easier and harder…it grows with you.

This program is so amazing to me because it can last you for so long.  Adding Shakeology in makes it such a complete plan – curb cravings and have a super filling meal to help you adjust to a new plan.

The Extreme program is perfect if you want an extra challenge, but I couldn’t eat without treats forever, so I don’t think of it as a lifestyle plan.  The workouts are a bit more advanced, with the modifier at a more intermediate than beginner level.  I take it back to the Extreme workouts pretty often, and have also done a hybrid plan of the two workouts.

You can see my personal results from each here and here.  I love them both!

Now, about all that food.  Here is my lunchbag from yesterday.  I was expecting to be gone from about 7:20 am to 7:20 pm, teaching a fitness class in the evening.  Outside of this, I had my coffee with coconut oil in the morning and Shakeology in the evening, plus Energize, Hydrate, Recover and Recharge from the Beachbody Performance line.

"lunch bag" is a loose term

“lunch bag” is a loose term

So, what was in my bag?

Breakfast – 2 hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, almond butter, grapes
Lunch – tilapia, spinach, dressing, sweet potatoes, cherries
Snacks – Sweet roasted nuts, 1/2 a PB sandwich, Brussels sprouts
“Dinner” (at about 4 pm) – Tofu, grapes, butternut squash (ate those later actually though)

Does that make you think “I’ll be too hungry”?

What are your questions?  I want to hear them so I can answer them!


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