Your First Week on the 21 Day Fix

This could be written about almost any program where you’re trying to get healthier and fitter.  But in honor of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme packages (plus Body Beast! Links go to my personal results on each) being discounted this month, this one’s going to be Fix specific!

So, you are getting started.  It’s a bit overwhelming, right?  Things to learn, things to figure out how you’re going to work into your life, and maybe adding workout times if you’re new to exercise…yikes!!  I get it.  It can be hard.  But I want to make it easier for you!  You are worth the effort, but lets use the effort where you need it.

Tip 1! Get excited!!  You are going to start on something new!  With pretty colored tupperware!

Tip 2! If you don’t have support, get it!  You can get a coach (me if you like!), join an accountability group, grab friends to do it with you, or tell people you’re starting it!

Tip 3! Make your mindset positive!  Think about all food you CAN eat, not what you’ll be avoiding.  This is a 21 day fix to your habits and a lifestyle plan…not 21 days until you go back to old habits.  This is a diet…where the definition of diet is “the foods you eat.”  You have a diet.  You aren’t on a diet.

Tip 4! Follow the program!  It was written by experts to get you results…that’s why you got it, right?  So eat your containers, drink your water and do your workouts!

Tip 5! Really a part of tip 4, but I see it so often that it gets a tip to itself. Eat your healthy fats…blue, orange and teaspoons.  Don’t skip these!  I know “fat is bad”, but that mindset is so outdated!  Fats in your diet (healthy ones that is!) don’t make you gain weight.  They keep you feeling full, help digestion…lots to list, so don’t skip them!

Tip 6! Don’t get caught up in perfection!  Perfection is great.  Strive for sticking to the plan 100%.  But don’t let that stop you from getting right back to usual after a slip or not getting started because you have dinner plans next week!  Do it.  Do it as well as you can.

Tip 7! Plan it out!  Knowing what you’ll have for a meal is half the battle.  So go through the food lists and find things you like.  Eat those things!

Tip 8! Spread out your containers.  A lot of people try to finish their yellows (carbs) and purples (fruits) before 6pm.  I’m one of them.  But don’t feel like you have to have all your greens in one meal!  You can even split a container over two meals.

Tip 9!  To start, you don’t need too much equipment and there is NO SHAME in following the modifier!  Move your body and work to your level…challenge yourself.  Not someone else.

Tip 10! Drink Shakeology!  I can’t tell you a better way to stay on track while fueling your body with nutrients!  Amazing!

Most of all…Smile!  You’ve got this.

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