Busy Life and October Challenges

Talk about a busy life!  We have a lot going on in October, and I am at a lovely, happy, smiley state of busy.  I love it.  So what’s going on?

Announcing my Busy Life tips!  You can get my 12 top tips to make efficient use of the little time you have.  Just go here and you’ll get the document.  I’m super excited to share these, and welcome your tips…we’re always a work in progress and the things that keep us going are too!

BusyLifeTips cover

Then, with the new month comes new challenges!

We’ve got Super Scary Killer Abs in October!  No equipment, you can hop down on the floor and get them done abs.  No excuses!

October Killer Abs

And then a super fun challenge group option where you can choose a program and rock it for 30 days…and maybe win a prize!  We like prizes…a little something special in the mail is a great way to brighten a day!  We will focus on our fitness (done at home) and nutrition, and how to make that easier as well. And we’ll have a group to lift eachother up and keep us going!  This group will start October 12th.

It wont be easy. I’m asking for a serious commitment to changing your habits and life for lasting success…and sanity! All workouts are done in the comfort of your own home on your own time. You’ll have ME as your personal coach, walking you through every step of the program on a daily basis…and doing it along with you!  If you can commit to changing your life and getting to your healthiest self, I want to hear from you! I’m looking for folks who are serious, who want to get stronger, healthier, and who want to feel BETTER then ever. This program is NOT free…but includes…

*a complete workout kit with dvds
*a complete nutrition plan
*30 healthy meals – a 30 day supply of Shakeology
*measuring tape to track all of those inches lost
*me as your personal coach and teammate
*access to my private support group
*$3000 worth of workouts programs right from your phone tablet laptop etc.
*you cannot be a coach or be working with a coach to participate*

Together we can reach your goals!  Email me for info on this or anything else here!

And as we finish out September, remember that it’s the end of September deals!  They’re on their way out! You’ve got PiYo and 3 Day Refresh this month!

Have a great day and let’s rock October!

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