New Toy!

I have never been exactly comfortable on a bicycle…at least one that wasn’t stationary!  I can cycle indoors like a madwoman, but put my wheels on the ground, and I’m so scared. It’s fear, not lack of skills, along with lack of experience that holds me back.

Let’s paint a little 1980s picture…pink bicycle, white basket with plastic flowers, glittery streamers coming out of the handles.  And me.  Letting anyone else ride it because I don’t even have a desire to.  I learned to ride, but just didn’t want to do it much.  Eventually, I wanted to ride a bike and did…about 9 years later  It was someone else’s and I was doing great for a while, until falling into a ton of gravel.  I still have the scars.  And I didn’t ride again for about 15 years.

That brings us to a few years ago.  My husband and I bought mountain bikes.  I was uncomfortable on it.  I had SO MUCH fear, pretty much only because I couldn’t put my feet on the ground while on the seat.  Any time I needed to start or stop, I got scared and would often be so fearful, I’d mess up and fall.  It wasn’t enjoyable for me.

But I wanted to ride.  So a few weeks ago, we got this cutie

Photo Aug 16, 4 22 10 PM

which has what’s called flat feet technology so I can put my feet on the ground while my buns stay on the seat! (and it matches my bag, not pictured)

So.  I’ve been busy riding my bike with my family.  I have no pictures because I was riding the bike.  And now I’m buying a pretty white basket for the front.  And learning back routes through my new town so I can do things like run to the store (and put things in my basket to take home).

And all is well!

Which made me almost miss that it’s about September…which means it’s time for a new monthly challenge!  Comment with your email address (or email me!) to be added to the accountability group!

September Total Body

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