The Motivation

So our coach summit isn’t just about fitness!  It’s about motivating ourselves and others to lead more fulfilling lives, including how to lead others.  This year’s non-Beachbody speakers didn’t disappoint.  It’s amazing…you look at the speakers lined up and wonder how what they say is going to speak to you.  I don’t know that I was far off, but I was still surprised with how inspired I was!

I’m not going to go too into the specifics of what they said, just introduce you too them here.  I find that the most motivational moments come from your own interpretation, and I don’t want to cloud that!

First up was Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.  He spoke about leaders and how we are biologically set to respond to them.  I had heard of his books, and had some in my Amazon shopping list (now purchased!).  You can find more of him on TED Talks.

The second keynote speaker was photographer Dewitt Jones.  His images and the way he describes his process of always looking for a best shot were both beautiful.  Here is a preview of one of his talks.

Last year, one of the speakers was swimmer Diana Nyad, who has a special on Showtime right now…I recommend checking that out as well!

Who inspires you?

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