Feeling Lucky!

Happy Monday folks!! I hope you’re starting off the week feeling motivated and ready to rock!

I started my day by changing up from the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts as I finish out an extended round of the nutrition plan (24 days!).  I was working through Body Beast Lucky 7 , the workout that comes as a gift for ordering the Body Beast program through me , and I realized I hadn’t posted about this workout.

Body Beast lucky 7

What is so great about this workout?  Try working your whole body in less than 25 minutes!  It’s a challenge, but it’s over!  The workout goes through 7 exercise pyramids, working each one up to 7 reps.  For an example, one is an upright row with a calf raise.  So you do an upright row, keep the bar up, raise on your toes.  Then you do 2 upright rows, keep the bar up, 2 calf raises.  Then 3, etc, up to 7.  With no rest in the exercise itself, just between the exercises.

Picking a good weight for these is tough, so go a little lighter than you think.  You’re basically doing 28 reps in each exercise with no reps!  I added on TurboFire HIIT 20 because I still had time after the quickie lifting!  That one has 7 (number of the day!) intense bursts of cardio work for under a minute each, then you recover and do another!  Here’s a sweaty post workout selfie for you!

TurboFire Body Beast post workout

Super fun morning workout with two of my favorite programs!  A great way to begin a Monday.

If you haven’t heard, I’m moving from New York to North Carolina in a few weeks!  So I’m clearing out my prize stash with an additional gift for any challenge packs (combining a program, 30 days of Shakeology and 30 days of the streaming workout membership!) purchased or if you decide to become a coach and help others in their fitness journey!  Want to chat about what will be your favorite workout or what being a coach do for your life?  Shoot me an email!

Packing Prize

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