What’s with the scoop size?

People ask me all the time about the Shakeology scoop sizes.  Why are they not the same between flavors??  I’m going to tell you…and it will be no surprise if you know much about Shakeology!

Shakeology scoop size

The ingredients in each flavor are what cause the different scoop sizes and weights.  Let’s think about this…different flavors are obviously going to have different things to taste that way.  The chocolate flavor here has cocoa, which isn’t in the vanilla for example.  Now, if someone wanted to have a standard scoop, you would need to balance that out somehow.  Do you know what we’re talking about here?  FILLERS!  Yes, something in there just to make the serving size of the naturally “lighter” flavors more.

Who wants that? I know I don’t!  So yes, there are different scoop sizes between flavors (and it’s a full, level scoop for a serving…I saw a flurry of activity about that this weekend!  When in doubt, measure it out!) but I take comfort in that!  If you have several flavors and scoops, label your scoops so you know which to grab!  If you’re like us and can’t stop with the chocolate (I get packets of others for occasional use and for samples, but I’m chocolate most days), you’re good! Use your scoop, fill it up and enjoy your shake!

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