Are you phoning it in?

Hello and happy Sunday!

I was thinking the other day about how easy it can be to phone in your workouts.  You don’t really feel like working out one day, but you start up, going through the motions, and hope to get into it along the way.  Which is great if you wouldn’t have gotten your workout in otherwise.

But then the next day comes, and you kind of got comfortable with yesterday’s (lack of) effort.  You’ve almost forgotten that you CAN push yourself.  And you go through the motions and your workout is done…check that off the list for today.

and the next day…and the next…

Until you’ve worked out tons and are wondering why you’re not getting anywhere!  Where are my results?  Why don’t I feel peppier?  Why isn’t anything changing?

You have to push your comfort zone to see results – in exercise and most other things!  Here are a few ways to up your intensity if you’re feeling like you’re phoning in your workouts…

– SMILE!  So easy to do!  Put on a smile, and soon you’ll feel like you’re enjoying yourself.
– Try heavier – maybe not for every exercise and maybe not for whole sets, but pick up a heavier weight to see how pushing yourself feels.  Even just a rep may help you feel what it’s like to really use the muscles, inspiring you to feel that feeling when you lift your usual.  Or you may find that the heavier weights are perfect!
– Drink up!  Sip some water, or try a pre-workout for a boost (I use E&E for all workouts!  My 4am secret!)
– Try a new to you workout!  Having to think about what you’re doing if you’ve done the same workout over and over can be a great way to engage!
– Workout in front of a mirror – This goes with smiling, but if you see that bored face and posture, you will be motivated to perk it up!
– New sneakers (enough said)
– Buddy up!  Either virtually or in person, having someone ask you if you’re giving it your all will help push you!

What other things have worked for you

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