My honest and ugh moment

I shared this on my facebook page, but if I’m being honest, I can’t leave it off here now can I?

Here’s some brutal honesty for me to share. Maybe you’ve been in my boat.

4 weeks - side

4 weeks – side

4 weeks - front

4 weeks – front

This is where I’ve gone to in the past 4 weeks since Body Beast. I have gained about 5.5 lbs with a week off-ish, 2 weeks to plan and a week of fairly poor choices partly on vacation. Not only did I notice the change in my body, but how I felt in general. You can almost see the ugh coming through (though I also took the pics after about 3 hours of sleep after a delayed flight home yesterday!). Workouts were on point, but eating? That’s the hard part!

Last Monday, my dog passed away and we took our daughter for frozen yogurt. They didn’t have the non-dairy option I was hoping for, and that set forth a week of excuses…if I’m eating dairy, I may as well have toppings. If I wasn’t on plan on Monday, and I’m going away Thursday, there goes Tuesday and Wednesday. And on. All excuses.

After a day back on track, I felt huge improvements. I felt slimmer. I felt cleaner. I felt better about myself. This is the feeling I need to remember! Just because one meal derails, doesn’t mean the rest of the week is shot. I had that part down before. I need to get it back! This is also why I need a plan. I need some structure in my eating, otherwise I make slightly poorer choices and it gets out of hand. That might not be you, but it is me!

I was so glad to come back to a group ready to go with me. We’re taking our 21 days to refocus our efforts. Portion control, paleo for some of us, clean eating all around.

Make good choices! If you’re feeling ugh and want to turn that around, go to and we’ll talk about getting you in on the next group.

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