The Weekend I Wore Clothes

It’s pretty well known that I exist mostly in workout clothes.  I change them into nicer workout clothes after I shower, but for the most part, I don’t usually get more fancy than street workout wear.

I have lost some weight, so I figured it was time to refresh a little.  But I have no style.  At least not past workout wear!  So I decided to sign up for Stitch Fix…have you heard of this?  They send you clothes to choose from and you can decide to keep them or send some back.  They’ll look at your pinterest, what you fill out on the site, and any other things you tell them (if you have something special coming up, etc.).  It’s $20 for them to “curate” your pics, which can be taken off any items you purchase, and there’s a 20% discount if you purchase all of them.

I got mine just before Mother’s Day weekend with lots of events to go to, including a wedding (not from Stitch Fix).  But what you want to see are the pictures, right?


What I wore to the wedding!


Top from Stitch Fix


Jacket from Stitch Fix


Top from Stitch Fix


White top and pants from Stitch Fix

I ended up keeping all of it.  The black pants were both out of my comfort zone and in it…Skinny pants, but like yoga pants in that they’re stretchy and have no zippers!

Have you tried a service like this?

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