Iced Mocha!



Need an energy boost?  This concoction has two of my favorite kicks to perk me right up and tastes like a treat.

Dessert? check!
Energy? check!
Healthy? check!

Fits all the requirements for me!  I used instant coffee because who has time to wait for brewed coffee to cool?  Not me!

iced mocha, vanilla shakeology


If you’re like me and can’t wait for coffee to chill, maybe you’re a busy lifer too!  I’m running a group starting a week from today to get us all on track with fitting in fitness, nutrition and taking care of ourselves into our schedules.  It’s all about making it easy!  When it’s easy, it can fit into your day and become routine.  Healthy routines are where the success is!  When this becomes your lifestyle, it isn’t a question of being “on” or “off”, it’s just how you are.  Let’s all get there!  Contact me for info!

Busy life challenge

Two bags and a baby…might be busy!

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