Three Awesome Years!

I’ve got two videos and some deals for you today.  First, a little glimpse into how I have changed as a result of the past three years!

Next up, delicious coffee!  I know I love coffee…I drink 2 cups most days!  This is super good plus has some protein!

Now, it’s May 19th, but here are the May challenge pack deals!

INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology Challenge Pack – Quick 30 minute workouts, trying to push yourself to the Max!  Here are my results. The INSANITY MAX:30 Kickstart (includes the 3-Day Refresh) and Shakeology Challenge Pack is also one of the deals
Body Beast and Shakeology Challenge Pack – You know I love this one!  I’m finishing up my last week of this round now!  I feel super strong!
PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack – It’s the most fun yoga you’re going to find…low impact but you’ll sweat! The PiYo Kickstart  (includes the 3-Day Refresh) and Shakeology Challenge Pack is on the list too
Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Challenge Pack – A 21 day whole food cleanse!
You can also save on the 3-Day Refresh this month (my results here)!   I bought it for myself! And more and more programs are being added to the streaming workout site.

That’s a lot!  If you have questions or what to chat about your fitness goals, I’m here for you.  Stay healthy!

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