Weighing Your Food

Two videos in two days!  No way!

But it’s true!  I made a video today to answer the ever asked question of “why should I weigh my food?”  The truth is, you don’t always have to.  But when you’re counting macros, you can easily get quite a bit off with just a little difference!

What I measured

What I measured

What is on the package

What is on the package

So here, the biggest difference is in carbs.  If you’re trying to hit macros in +/- 5g, 2 in one item can really add up over the day.  So weighing is really important.

That being said, I don’t bring a scale around with me (though you have heard about how much I love it before!), but that’s part of it as well…weigh where you can so that the other times don’t have as much effect!  Just a note, it’s funny how much I love food scales with how much I dislike the bathroom scale!

Do you weigh your food?

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