This post is brought to you from the plane home! I have a few general and fit tips that I wanted to share.  No time like free in flight wifi right?

First, I have a rule that I always workout on days I fly.  Sometimes that means I wake up crazy early, but it really helps me out! 

Next up, is to bring some comfort from home to help you create the illusion of routine.  I know you don’t need another blender and Shakeology picture!  But I also often pack a candle if I’m away for a while, and I bring my microfiber hair towel so I know I can dry my curls.

Little things!  

We like to plan enough of our trips to be prepared without having so much planned that we can’t be flexible.  With that, I also research out some options for places to go and things to see so that our flexible time isn’t spent researching.

We looked at gyms, places to eat, things to do, etc all before we went.  Though we ended up using about half these things, they were good to know!

Also, keep plastic baggies in your luggage to reuse each trip.  You never know when you’ll need them! Small thing that’s great to have.

And the number one thing…hydrate! Bring a water bottle and fill it often! 

What are your tips for travel?

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